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Event Types

SA | Story Arc

A Story Arc can be a month to several month events that involve entire nations, key historical characters, and engage the Storyline deeply as a whole.  This is the largest "event" we offer. Prizes come in the form of XP, skills, and even items and artifacts.  Bosses/End Game are tough and require multiple battles or members to overcome.   Normally rewards from Story Arcs are double to triple the normal rate of XP, hence their rarity.   

SE | Story Event
A Story Event can be anywhere ranging from a single day to a month which involves many locations and engages the Storyline as a whole.  NPCs can be used for additional story elements and battles, and often a stronger enemy is the main protagonist.  Prizes come in the form of XP, gold, items, and sometimes skills (as designated by the Leadership Staff).   Story Events are run closely with the Storyline Leaders are only trusted storytellers are allowed to run them.   We ask that if you want to run a Story Event, you are well-vetted here and have experience telling story within The Storm Reborn.   


GE | Group Event

Group Events are centered around a Race Group or Faction.   The Event Creator can also specify if certain outside people are allowed to join in.  This is a great way to engage your group and make their story unique, fun, and active.  Rewards for Group Events are XP, Gold, and sometimes items as approved by the Storyline Leaders.

RE | Random Encounter (Bestiary)
Random encounters are just that - random. A single or group of NPCs which pose a threat or challenge to a group of people in a location. These battles are to promote play and XP gain.  You do not need to apply for these.

PS | Private Scenes
Private scenes are a wide array of scenes or multiple scenes carried out to help progress a character or small group. Four or fewer members are allowed to be engaged in a PSE. Prizes are normal, any actions which warrant XP gained are at normal ratios. These events cannot alter public places of establishments.  You do not need to apply for these.

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