roup Application

Group Basics

As you play in The Storm Reborn, the perks of belonging to a group are made pretty evident rather quickly.   We are playing a social game, so we reward social play.   We currently have two types of Groups in our Storyline:

Race Groups - A group of people consisting of a single race.   These would include:

Vampire Clans, Lycan Tribes or Packs, Mortal Groups, Elemental Storms, Dragon Enclaves, Angelic Choirs , Demonic Legions, Undead Hordes, and Fae Courts


  • Access to an exclusive Race Group Tree designed by the Race Group Leader

  • Monthly stipends of gold

  • Group Haven with a Catagory of channels

Factions - A group of people of all races which have a common goal.   These could be hunters, tradesmen, pleasure houses, taverns, crime syndicates, and much more.


  • Monthly stipends of gold

  • Weekly stipends of gold when your group becomes larger

  • Group Haven with a Catagory of channels

Requirements to Start a Group

  • A motivated Leader in good standing with the Storyline, who has been a member of the Storyline for more than 30 days.

  • Five (5), members willing to join and claim the group in addition to the Group Leader.

  • An approved name, logo, and outline of what the group is all about.

  • A website for the group is highly recommended.


  • Leader must maintain an accurate roster of all members.  This includes rank/standing, full name, play by name/picture, activity, and other relevant details.

  • Maintain a section of the Race or Faction Discord server specifically for your group to keep members engaged.

  • Ensure the benefits of the group are applied only to those who choose to swear fealty to your group.  (It is fine for someone to be a member of another group, but he/she must choose which group they belong to reap benefit from.)

  • Ensure a Reward protocol is developed and adhered to. Specifics can be detailed by speaking to leaders.

  • Maintains a minimum of half their members engaged in group activity and ensures all members are tagging records with it properly.

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