ocation Application

Application for a New Location
Remember once your Location goes public, anyone is able to enter. Places with affiliations will need to act accordingly towards outsiders or enemies. We recommend at least placing one NPC in your establishment so facilitate service when you or your live employees are absent.  
Most of all, be creative! We LOVE websites with as many pictures and details as possible. The more you work on a location, the more it becomes immersive and is used.
Current Criteria for New Applicants:
  • All new settings / Establishments are open for application!
  • No current vetting period required
  • Please see Race Group and Faction allowances for Havens

It didn't matter where you turned, if there was a corner in Rhy'din, you'd find one. A dark seedy alley often had two. No matter which you chose to rest your weary bones, a tavern always had food, drink, and merriment. Taverns were proof that Rhy'din's bounty had not run dry.

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