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Flaws Explained

An often overlooked facet of Character design is developing the flaws which make each person unique. Each and every person has flaws, and even in the roleplaying realm, there are no exceptions. while Many like to roleplay a flawless avatar of what their ideal person would be, we'd like to challenge you otherwise. Flaws can be as varied a selection as any ability or physical appearance.  Flaws can truly define a person in a realm flooded in boring perfection.


The Storm Reborn adopts a loosely based Vampire: the Masquerade mechanic:  The Flaw System. We do not apply the "Merit" section of said mechanic, but strongly feel flaws can be revolutionary in the depth our characters possess. Flaws can be minor: a gimped hand, wounds which take longer to heal, blunted fangs. or they can be much more prolific, such as Missing hands, a crippled leg, even blindness. all can have a home within the Storyline. These flaws create a dynamic all their own and can help shape a character's overall mental state. We encourage each person to consider this often overlooked aspect.   Flaws are the key of making your character unique.

Making Flaws Count

Flaws can be employed in a multitude of ways. however, to select some flaws just for the rewards is a mistake. Take each flaw seriously and ask yourself if you can play a character around the said flaw. 

Daily Flaws

Our most popular flaw! Many flaws and skills require daily rolls to be made. We have a separate channel on Discord for these rolls. Please pay attention to what happens to your character, should you activate a flaw or skill due to your rolls. We expect this to be roleplayed out. If it becomes more of a chore than anything else, please ask to remove that particular flaw from your character sheet. 


Daily Flaws can be just about anything you can imagine. We allow you the opportunity to personalize these, as long as the frequency/penalty chart is followed. so let those creative juices flow!


Static Flaws

Static flaws are those whose symptoms are always present. Flaws such as missing hands, limbs, scars, etc are examples of static flaws. Most of these types do not have a penalty in battle, however, storytellers could use your flaw to your enemies' advantage at their discretion. Most of these are roleplayed out on the daily, and can really help define a character. Other flaws of this type will have a set penalty listed next to them, which must be applied.

List of Static Flaws



Illiterate – Roleplay element. You can't read or write. This may make passing yourself off as that learned professor from Oxford a bit difficult. Cannot gain prizes such as skill points should the prize be in the form of something to read (IE:  books, scrolls, ancient tomes...)  1pt Flaw

Uneducated (moderate) – Roleplay element. Things just don't add up with you. You have the intelligence of a 5 to 10-year-old. -10% XP gained.  2pt. flaw

Uneducated (severe) – Roleplay element. Things just don't add up with you. You have the intelligence of a 5 to 10-year-old.  -25% XP gained.  3pt. flaw

Uneducated (disorder-level) - Things don't seem to stick well with you. You have the intelligence of a 10-year-old, and for some reason, life's experience never seems to sink in as much as it should. -50% XP earned.  7pt. Flaw


Aversion to Healing - [Halves healing received, standby healing times doubled.] Your body does not respond well to attempts to mend it. 3pt. Flaw

Blindness (Color) – Roleplay element. You cannot see certain spectrums of color.  Storytellers can and will step in when certain scenes require color.   For example, if you are fighting a dragon and you grab your handy water-imbued weapon to fend off the RED Dragon.  1pt flaw

Blindness (Partial) [-3 perception, -4 damage] You can only make out shapes directly in front of you and detect major variances of light and shadow. 4pt. flaw

Blindness (Total) [-4 perception, -5 damage] You have lost all ability to see.   Inflicts permanent BLIND status which cannot be removed.  6pt. Flaw

Cannibal – Roleplay element. Roleplay element. Nature or nurture has forced you to eat human meat - exclusively. Anyone twisted or desperate enough can eat a person, but the character with this Flaw cannot eat anything else. No other meat (much fewer grains or vegetables) will nourish him, and he'll get sick if he tries to change his diet. The flesh can be dead, decaying, or even alive, but it must be human. Needless to say, this ghoul has to remain close to human beings, yet feed discreetly enough to avoid attention. It's a hard life to live, and few cannibals manage to survive this way for very long. There are, of course, exceptions. 3pt. flaw

Clumsy – Roleplay element. Are your fingers dipped in butter? It would seem so, from the way things slide from your grasp!  Roll 1d20 for each action you perform in battle.  Rolling a 1 instantly means failure.  2 pt flaw

Deafness (Total) (-3 all Perception checks, the moderator may impose penalties through story due to flaw). You have lost all ability to hear. 4pt. Flaw

Deathsight (Contained) - Roleplay element. Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse: mortals look diseased or skeletal, buildings seem decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. It's easier for you to resist powers using Appearance, but also harder for your perception. Social interactions are naturally difficult for you. 1pt. Flaw

Deathsight (Repulsed) - Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse: mortals look diseased or skeletal, buildings seem decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. It's easier for you to resist powers using Appearance, but also harder for your perception. Social interactions are near impossible. When speaking to someone, you must make a Willpower roll. Botched rolls cause you to become repulsed and flee. 2pt. flaw

Deformity – Roleplay element. You have a withered limb, hunched back, or another physical defect that causes you difficulty in movement, as well as hindering some social interactions. Depending on the type and circumstance, difficulties can be raised on appearance and/or reflex rolls. 1pt. Flaw

Gimp Leg -  (Range of Movement decreased at least 50%, an effect moderated events) Your leg doesn't work well, it often hinders you from performing tasks which require swift movement. 2pt. Flaw

Horrible Odor – Roleplay element. No matter what, your body's odor is horrid, making it rather difficult to appeal to anyone naturally. 1pt. Flaw

Horrible Flatulence - Either you're nervous or you love eating a particular food, either way, your body is filled with gas and it finds its way out at the worst of times.  Sadly, this carries many social penalties, and people simply cannot take you seriously either being offended or finding you comically hilarious.  1pt flaw.

Immortals ONLY: Scarring Flesh - Although you can heal, your wounds will always leave scars like a mortal. 1pt. Flaw

Insatiable Hunger - No matter what and how much you eat, you want MORE!   This need to eat comes from a physical defect in how your body processes food intake.  If you do not eat within 30 minutes you become lethargic and after an hour you may feel an irresistible need to sleep after a good bout of binging.  Sadly, this carries many social penalties as most of your waking life is spent in the persuit of filling your bottomless pit.  1pt flaw.

Magic Susceptibility – In addition to your innate weaknesses, you now can choose an element of magic to be weakened against. 200% damage – 2pt. Flaw  |  300% damage – 3 pt. Flaw. This flaw does not stack with other existing weaknesses.

Missing Eye [-3 Perception] You are missing an eye, which obviously hinders your sight to a degree. 3pt. Flaw

Missing Fingers - Main hand – Roleplay element. Manipulation of objects is difficult at times (One must be either index or thumb) Physical attacks and actions - roll 1d10.  If 1, your action auto fails.  2pt. flaw

Missing Off/Main Hand – Roleplay element. You are missing your offhand. 2pt. flaw  OR  You are missing your main-hand, suffer a permanent -10 physical damage debuff.  3pt. flaw.

Missing Leg – Roleplay element. You are missing your entire leg. [REF -2]  3pt. Flaw

Missing Legs [-5 all physical damage attacks, cannot walk, REF-4]  Both of your legs are missing for some reason. You cannot walk due to obvious reasons. 6pt. flaw

Missing Thumb - Main Hand only. Roleplay element. Manipulation of objects can be difficult at times. 1 pt. flaw

Moderate Facial Disfiguration / Scar / Burns - Roleplay element. Others may not treat you as kindly with your face uncovered. Interaction with NPCs in Story Events could be modified at Storyteller's discretion. 1 pt. Flaw

Morbidly Obese - You weigh at least twice as much as the healthy weight of your kind and gender.  Unfortunately with this comes many social and physical penalties.  Mind Control attempts all suffer -1 penalty.  REF is reduced by 2 as well.  2pt. Flaw.

Mute – You cannot speak at all, or if you do, the sounds from your mouth are unrecognizable.  Inflicts permanent MUTE status which cannot be removed.  3pt. Flaw

Paralysis from Waist Down [-5 all physical damage attacks, cannot walk REF -4] You cannot move from the waist down. 6pt. Flaw

Poor Night Vision - [Lowers Perception rolls in the dark by 4] Your eyesight is poor in low-light conditions. Increase the difficulty of any action attempted in dim light. Those without natural night vision suffer near blindness in the dark, whereas creatures such as vampires who possess natural ability to see in the shadows now see as a human does. 1pt. flaw

Severed Minor Body Parts – Roleplay element. You're not the whole person you once were, or perhaps you never were. Missing ears, nose, fingers, not your thumb, toes, and any other combination of parts. 1pt. Flaw

Speech Impediment – Roleplay element.  You have a major impediment in your speech. This includes physically-induced (cleft palettes, tongue removal) or mental-induced (stutters) and the like. Lisps are not major.  When performing magical-related actions, roll 1d10 first.   Rolls of 1 mean you have auto failed your action.  1 point flaw.

Stigmata - [Roll 1d20 daily, this is how much health has been stripped from you.] The Curse of God. Stigmata is a term used by members of the Catholic faith to describe body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ.  This includes the hands, wrists, and feet. Daily, You undergo a mysterious ritual in which you undergo the labors of Christ's Crucifixion. Shorn browns from an invisible crown of thrones, whip lacerations, and even spear wounds riddle your body. 3pt. flaw

Stunted Healing – Natural healing does not occur until 48 hours after injuries are sustained. 1pt. flaw

Stunted Movement – [-2 Reflex] Your movement, for some reason, is not what it should be. Muscles have degraded and therefore your natural speed is hindered. 1pt. flaw

Stunted Senses - [-2 perception ] Your senses, for some reason, are not what they should be. 1pt. flaw

Stunted Strength – [-x die sides ] Your strength, for some reason, is not what it should be. Muscles have degraded and therefore your physical prowess is damaged.  -5 dice sides 1pt. flaw. -10 dice sides 2pt. Flaw

Unlucky - [-2 Reflex rolls ] It’s surprising how rarely things go your way. Every time an opportunity comes along that might let you shine, something comes along to ruin it. 3pt. flaw



Acute Mental/Personality Disorders – Roleplay element only, (must cause some sort of disruption during inopportune times). Your character suffers from some sort of disorder that can flare up due to a trigger. 1pt. Flaw

Acute Mental/Personality Disorders – [ -3 damage, -4 perception penalty ] Your character suffers from some sort of disorder that can flare up due to a trigger. 1pt. Flaw

Addiction: Substance (acute) - Some sort of addiction to a substance, which you partake in often. With your bane in your presence, you must make a willpower roll to resist. 1pt. Flaw

Addiction: Substance (moderate) - Some sort of addiction to a substance, which you partake in very often. You can go 24 hours without your bane, but afterward, you would go through great lengths to sate your addiction. With your bane in your presence, you must make a willpower roll to resist. 2pt. Flaw

Addiction: Substance (severe) - Some sort of addiction to a substance, which you partake in every chance you can. You would go through great lengths to sate your addiction whenever possible. With your bane in your presence, you cannot resist. This is a major roleplayed flaw. At this level, this addiction controls your life. 3pt. Flaw

Amnesia (Anterograde) - [Cannot gain XP] You have an inability to create new memories due to brain damage, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact. The brain damage can be caused by the effects of long-term alcoholism, severe malnutrition, stroke, head trauma, or other trauma. Due to the effects of such, you are unable to gain any sort of XP. 7pt. Flaw

Amnesia (Retrograde) – Roleplay element. You have an inability to recall memories from before the onset of your amnesia. One may be able to encode new memories after the incident. Retrograde is usually caused by head trauma or brain damage to specific parts of the brain. People suffering from retrograde amnesia are more likely to remember general knowledge rather than specifics. Recent memories are less likely to be recovered, but older memories will be easier to recall due to strengthening over time. 2pt. Flaw

Avarice (Severe) – Roleplay element. Your greed for material things can often hinder you in social situations. Your eyes literally shine at the sight of gold and often your daily actions are planned around acquiring as much wealth as possible, even if it means minor social altercations. 1pt. Flaw

Braggart – Roleplay element. Your favorite topic of conversation is yourself. You make every attempt to bring conversations around to your achievements and successes, and you never fail to take credit for everything you even vaguely affected. You can't avoid reminding others of your deeds and exploits. Consequently, people tire of listening to you blow your own horn for more than a few minutes. (If you take this Flaw, you'll be expected to roleplay your sense of pride and over importance.) 1pt. Flaw

Can't Cross Running Water -  Roleplay element. You cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. "Running water" is any body of water more than two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant. A Kindred with this Flaw obviously believes too much in old wives' tales. 1pt. Flaw

Compulsion -  Roleplay element. You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gaming, exaggeration or just talking. 1pt. Flaw

Compulsive Liar – Roleplay element. You feel the need to put your personal spin on the truth. You don't necessarily do so out of spite or malice, and you may come to genuinely believe the tall tales that you tell (especially when you spin them often enough). This Trait is especially troublesome when other hunters rely on you for information on monsters and their habits. You might have to make a roll with Willpower to force yourself to be honest, especially if it means publicly revealing a previous lie. 1pt. Flaw

Compulsive Speech - (aka Big Mouth) For whatever reason, you have difficulty sticking to the rule, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all." 1pt. Flaw

Coward - This is no age for cravens; nevertheless, you are one, at least where certain things are concerned. Perhaps you've suffered some heavy torture or mishap that has left you fearful, or maybe a curse has robbed you of your courage. Then again, you could just be a lily-livered git. The Flaw is the same: In the presence of the thing you fear, you cringe, whimper, weep or flee. Only a powerful effort will allow you to stand your ground. In-game terms, the cost of the Flaw depends on the object of the terror. The base Willpower roll for standing up to a threat or "mortal terror" is 6, although certain fears get harder to face at the higher levels.

  • For one point, one group of related things (cats, oak trees, priests) becomes your "mortal terror." In the presence of that terror, you shiver and quail. Nothing else bothers you overmuch. Assuming you succeed on a Willpower roll, everything will be fine, although you certainly won't want anything to do with the object of your fear.

  • For two points, common threats (crowds, fires, storms) make you uneasy. if you encounter your "mortal terror" or other very dangerous circumstances (being trapped in a fire, faced with torture, etc.), you panic unless you can make a successful Willpower roll.

  • For three points, everything makes you uneasy and certain things drive you wild with fear. Under calm circumstances, you can control yourself, but the presence of a "mortal terror" or a common threat (a battle, an angry nobleman, etc.) panics you unless the required roll is made.

  • For four points, you're prone to fits of trembling and avoid hazards as much as possible. To stand up to combat, danger or authority figures, you must make a Willpower roll. The presence of your "mortal terror" drives you to your knees (or out the door) unless you make a similar roll at difficulty 9.

  • For five points, everything that could be even remotely dangerous makes you tremble, and any direct threat makes you want to flee. This doesn't mean you cannot function in day-to-day life, but combat, heroism and open rebellion are virtually impossible without a normal Willpower roll. Should you encounter your "mortal terror," a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 9) is the only thing that can keep you from fainting.

Crude – Roleplay element. You never learned any manners while growing up, so why start now? You talk with your mouth full, burp loudly and slurp your soup. When interacting with others in any refined or formal environment, you are hopeless and those around you find you disgusting... that is unless they appreciate your ways. 1pt. Flaw

Curiosity - Your incredible curiosity often overrides your common sense. Resisting temptation requires a successful Willpower roll, difficulty depending on the situation. A very bad flaw to take with certain evil sadistic Storytellers. Must list trigger. 1pt. Flaw

Démesuré – Roleplay element. Démesuré refers to sinful pride that results in extraordinary (and sometimes horrendous) costs to the possessor and those around him. The most famous example is that of Childe Roland, who refused to allow his men to retreat as the Moors slaughtered them. his pride goaded him to remain so that he would not appear as a coward. A player who takes this Flaw should select one (maybe more) things that his character takes great pride in - his clothes, his horsemanship, his fighting, etc. When that pride is insulted or threatened, the player must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9). If he fails, he pursues the salvation of his "honor" to the exclusion of all other business. This obsession can result in lost allies, plans have gone completely awry, loss of loved ones or even Final Death. Each time the character achieves goals relating to his obsession, he may make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to see if he can let the obsession rest for the remainder of the night. 1pt. flaw

Disgraced – Roleplay element. Through some action, you have disgraced your pack/clan/faction. Interaction with a said faction is more difficult. (This flaw's value can be adjusted depending on the severity of the Disgrace, complete Exile is worth 2 points.)

Disturbing Mannerism - You have a habit or character trait which is peculiar, gross, or annoying. You may not even be aware of it-but boy, everyone else is. Difficulties of social rolls are increased at the Storyteller's discretion. 1pt. Flaw

Emotional Isolation – Roleplay element. You have seen too many friends and family, Kindred and kine alike, swept away on the river of time and cast into oblivion. The pain of seeing so many die while you continued to exist was horrible to bear, so horrible that you have now isolated yourself emotionally from all others. You often come across as cold and utterly without feeling, but what is that to you? You are now safe from pain. 1pt. flaw

Ennui – You are world-weary. You have seen enough to know that nothing is ever truly new. the same events and so-called passions are merely replayed again and again, with only the faces and names shifting as the many, many years go by. You rarely pay attention to those around you, assuming you know all there is to know of them once you have determined what part they play on the world stage (+1 difficulty to Perception rolls involving people you know). Due to your belief in the predictability of others, you also receive double damage from the first action taken following a surprise (such as an ambush). 2pt. Flaw

Faint of Heart – Roleplay element. You are easily sickened by the sight of blood. Whenever you witness a gory scene, you must roll Willpower (difficulty 6). If the roll fails, you are overcome with nausea for the next few minutes. While this doesn't mean you spend the time vomiting (unless the roll botches) it does mean that all difficulties increase by one during that time. Half-point flaw. Vampires: 3pt. Flaw

Guilt-wracked – Roleplay element. You simply cannot come to grips with the fact that you have committed some wrong. You suffer horrible guilt each time you come face to face with it and try to avoid doing so as much as possible. This could be a vampire drinking blood forcefully, a werewolf's need to feed, a mortal's fatal choice to flee while a loved one perished at the expense. Your inner conscience gets the better of you often. 1pt. Flaw

Hatred/Prejudice (Severe) - There is something out there which you absolutely loathe, and will do anything to destroy it. You have to succeed a Willpower roll not to go after the object of your hatred when presented opportunities arise. 1pt. Flaw

Hero Worship - You absolutely idolize someone, and disobeying them requires an effort of willpower. You also are at +2 difficulty to any roll that may force you to admit/realize that your hero may be in the wrong. 1pt. flaw

Impatient – Roleplay element. You have no patience for standing around and waiting. You want to do things now, and the devil takes the hindmost. Every time you are forced to wait around, you may go tearing off on your own instead. 1pt. Flaw

Inferiority Complex - No matter what you do, by your standards, it's just not good enough. In situations requiring you to take charge and strut your stuff, add +1 to all difficulties. 1pt. Flaw

Insensitive – Roleplay element. You have problems understanding how to gauge other's emotional reactions. You can be rather blunt in handling delicate matters. Half-point flaw

Lazy – Roleplay element. You are simply lazy, avoiding anything that requires effort on your part. Preferring to let others do the hard work, you lounge around. For any action that requires preparation, there’s a good chance you didn’t properly prepare. 1pt. Flaw

Lifesaver (Death): Roleplay element.  You revere all life and will not be risking killing someone, at any cost. Unfortunately, in Rhy'din, this can sometimes be a problem. 1pt. Flaw

Lifesaver (Total Pacifist) - Roleplay element.  A more extreme version of Lifesaver, you refuse to do any physical harm to anyone for any reason. 2pt. Flaw

Lost Love – Roleplay element. You have lost your true love to death, distance, or marriage. You take little joy in life's pleasures and give up easily in the face of difficulty since you've already lost the most important struggle. On those occasions when you forget yourself and have a good time, you inevitably feel sorrow afterward as you think about how it could have been if your true love were with you. Still, time heals all wounds. 1pt. Flaw

Low Self-Image/Esteem - Suffering from low self-esteem, you have -2 dice in situations where you don't expect to succeed, or you may have to make Willpower rolls to do something that requires self-confidence. 1pt. Flaw

Lustful – You can't resist the erotic advances of the appropriate gender(s). You are easily seduced and often exhibit very poor judgment when dealing with sexually attractive people. The difficulty of any attempts to seduce you is reduced by two. 1pt. flaw

Malicious Zealot – Roleplay element. Those who devoutly practice the same faith as you have nothing to fear from you, but you take great delight in causing pain and suffering to those who do not follow the tenets of your chosen religion. Heretics, witches and those following any faith but yours are open targets for you. Anytime you have an opportunity to make a heathen suffer in any way, you're inclined to take it. Make a Willpower roll (diff 6) when the character is in a position to cause pain or suffering to a non-believer. if successful, the character masters her sadistic streak. Otherwise, she takes the opportunity to torment the victim as sadistically as possible. This is most commonly seen in those that follow The Path of Divinity. 3pt. flaw

Masochist/Sadist - You either enjoy pain or enjoy inflicting it on others. In addition to the inconveniences this fascination may cause you, you may also be seen as sick (and, well you are), or even more, sick people may use you for your obsession. 1pt. flaw

Naive – Roleplay element. You see the world in rose-colored hues. Your privileged upbringing (or massive psychological repression of abuse) makes you all too ready to accept others as kind and caring. You are always the last to suspect foul play or bad intent on the part of another, and this can get you in real trouble. On the other hand, the Flaw often leads people of the Caregiver nature to take you under their wings with more fervor than usual. 1pt. Flaw

Overconfident - Roleplay element.  You think you can do everything even though you probably can't, and you try to prove your belief as often as possible. 1pt. Flaw

Pacifist - You abhor violence and avoid it at all costs.   This flaw has varying degrees of severity.

  • Minor Pacifism - Attacks made by you are seldom.   When the situation requires it of you, roll a Willpower save of 6 or higher.   Failure to meet this save roll results in you not being able to take violent action and must find another way.     2pt.  Flaw

  • Total Pacifist - You have rejected all acts of violence.   Whereas you can be party to a group that practices such, you cannot take violent action against another.  (disables the use of any harming attack made against another.   The ONLY exception to this is if attacking another actually does them more good than harm.   Seek Leadership approval.)   5pt. Flaw

  • Conflict Avoidance - In addition to being a total pacifist, you can no longer be with those who seek to mete out violence in any way.   You do not seek conflict at all, even if it is not you who is doing the attacking.   Players with this flaw cannot roleplay seeking conflict.   However, if a battle were to fall upon them, they could be part of it.   7pt. Flaw.

Phobia (Moderate) – You have a certain fear, which you will go through great lengths to avoid. Continued proximity with said fear must pass a Willpower roll first or flee. 1 pt. Flaw

Phobia (Severe) – You have a certain fear, which you will go through any lengths to avoid. While in the presence of such, you must make a Willpower roll. failed rolls thrust the character into a catatonic state or hysteria. 2pt. Flaw

Prey Exclusion (Predator-Races only) – Roleplay element. You refuse to hunt a certain class of prey. For instance, an animal lover might decide to hunt only humans. or a character might decide to spare a class of person she particularly admires. You are disturbed when others feed on this type of prey. If you accidentally feed upon this class of prey yourself, you will automatically frenzy. 1pt. Flaw

Psychosis (formerly “Insanity”) - Roleplayed element. Please view the list below and its values for the different types of Psychosis. This flaw is not associated with daily rolls. Please view Daily Rolled Flaws for those.


Psychosis is associated with several medical disorders and conditions. Some of the different types of psychosis include:

  • Schizophrenia: a psychiatric disorder characterized by disordered thinking and behavior, which often includes delusions and hallucinations. You experience significant social or occupational dysfunction. 1pt. flaw

  • Delusional disorder: involves holding strong, false beliefs (delusions). Hallucinations are usually not present. Apart from the impact of the delusions, psychosocial functioning may not be markedly impaired nor behavior blatantly strange. However, under some circumstances delusions are sufficiently false to cause problems with day-to-day life. 1pt. Flaw

  • Substance-induced psychosis: drug and alcohol use, or withdrawal from them, can result in psychotic symptoms. These may disappear once the effects of the substances or withdrawal symptoms wear off. In some cases, psychosis persists after the initial substance-induced psychosis. This is common with stimulant drugs. The half-point flaw, 1pt flaw if combined with the “Addiction” flaw.

  • Dementia: psychotic symptoms may appear with memory disturbances in conditions that cause physiological deterioration of the brain. 1pt. Flaw

  • Bipolar disorder (manic depression): psychosis generally appears as part of a more general severe mood disturbance. Psychotic symptoms tend to match your mood. (For example, when depressed, you may hear voices urging you to commit suicide.) Roleplay element – half-point flaw, triggered will power roll for suicide – 3 pt. flaw

  • Major Depressive Disorder: psychosis can be a feature of severe major depression. 1pt. flaw

  • Delirium: psychotic symptoms may be part of an acute confusion state that results from another severe medical disorder. 2pt. flaw

  • Brief psychotic episode: psychotic symptoms appear suddenly in response to a recognizable and highly stressful life event, such as being a victim of a violent crime. Symptoms may be severe but are short-lived: the psychosis lasts between one day and one month. You may or may not be aware of your bizarre behavior. (See Daily-Rolled Flaws for value)

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder / Split Personality Disorder:   A disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states within one person.  A character playing this flaw can either take this via daily roll in which the secondary personality comes out, or a static flaw in which the mun discerns between the two and alternates them at their whim.    Static flaw values:    Once a week:   1pt. Flaw.   Once every other day:  2 pt. flaw.


Sensation Junkie - You're addicted to sensation and will do anything to find new means of stimulation. You must roll Willpower to resist taking the opportunity to try a new kick, difficulty depending on the situation. 1pt. Flaw

Territorial - You are extremely attached to your territory. if forced to leave your territory, you will be at +1 difficulty in most rolls because you are so disoriented. If someone passes through your territory without your permission, you will immediately attack him if failing a Willpower roll. 2pt. Flaw

Traitor – Roleplay element. Oh, you're a bastard, all right, and if the other members of your race or group find out about this, they'll kill you on sight. You've been leaving information (through a designated drop point) about your alleged allies which help the Hunter's Enclave conduct their work against your kind. (This automatically consents you to any deathmatches) 4pt. flaw

Vengeance - You are consumed with avenging something very important to you. Your obsession can only be temporarily swayed by a willpower roll when confronted with such. 1pt. Flaw

Weak-Willed - [All forms of mind manipulation have a +2 chance against you.] You are highly susceptible to Domination and intimidation by others. 1pt. flaw

Other Miscellaneous/Otherworldly/Supernatural


Beacon of the Unholy -[No skills required to ascertain what you are] You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well. 1pt. flaw

Fortune's Folly - There are people born into this world who are lucky, and lucky to be around. You aren't one of them - in fact when bad luck strikes it hits you especially hard. And worse, those around you who mean you harm are affected, as well. Botches can occur at numbers equal to or lower than your Tier Level. (IE: Tier 4 Vampires botch when any die is rolled 4 or under) Additionally, those attempting to harm you via physical or mental attacks find it just a little bit easier, reducing the difficulties of the roll by 1. 4pt. flaw

Haunted – Roleplay element only. The spirit of someone, either loved or an enemy, taunts you at regular intervals, often when trying to sleep.  This causes minor insomnia and bouts of grief, self-doubt, or anger. 1pt. flaw

Offensive to Animals - For some reason, animals fear you or just don't like you. Horses refuse the snap of your reins, and monsters of animal variety are much more likely to target you. 1pt. Flaw

Otherworldly Taint - You have a physical peculiarity (odd hair/eye color, glowing eyes, etc.) and/or just an odd aura about you, which may make you stick out. People can tell you're not quite normal. 1pt. Flaw

Race Specific Flaws



Blunted Fangs – Roleplay element, your fangs do not end with sharpened points. Bites are painful and can leave mortals in shock or even death. Your standing within your Clan could be effected. 1pt. Flaw

Consumption – Roleplay element. Portions of the Antediluvian are not only within you, but they're also active and act like cancer that devours you from the inside out. Your very blood is wrought with a corrosive, flesh-eating bacteria. At the beginning of each evening, you suffer ten health of damage that cannot be soaked nor healed. The only way to counteract the effect is by ingesting one-tenth of your body weight in flesh to supplement your depleted carcass. Whether you kill and devour the skin from humans or raid the flesh houses of Rhy'din, you need your ration of human flesh in order to survive. Without the Digestive Suppression skill, you will vomit out this flesh like any other food if your race does not allow normal consumption. 4pt. Flaw

Blood Aficionado - Roleplay Element. You've developed a taste for a particular type of person. Severe cases center around nuances or traits, and the most severe center around a single person.

Gender - 1pt. Flaw

Race - 1pt. Flaw

Broad Trait (redheads, dark-skinned, etc)    1pt Flaw

Obscure Trait or nuisance ( scarred, a person from a particular family, those with specific fears or phobias, etc) 2Pt Flaw

Particular Person - (Would abstain until feeding on a particular person) 2SP

Particular Person - (Refusal/Physically cannot feed on anyone else) 3SP

Repelled by Crosses - You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses (just as if they were holy). Kindred who were of the Church prior to their Embrace are the ones most likely to possess this Flaw; they perceive that their new form is a judgment from God. 1pt. Flaw

Repulsed by Garlic - You cannot abide the smell of garlic, and the smallest taint of its scent will drive you from a room. The full force of its pungent odor will bring bloody tears to your face and render you nearly blind, while its touch can cause boils and even open wounds. 1pt. Flaw

Insatiable Bloodlust - Roleplay Element. You must hunt nightly, and violently. 1pt. Flaw

Beast Undeniable  - Roleplay Element. When you hunt, you must kill your prey. 1pt. Flaw

Mark of the Diablerist  - Roleplay Element. You've committed the vile act of Diablerie. As such other Vampires can sense your sin and often will shun you for it.  1pt Flaw

Riovanni Exclusive:  Shadows Unhinged. Daily Flaw. Often, shadows lash out from your form beyond your control. This is believed to be the Taint of Velius. 3PT Daily flaw (you select severity and frequency)

Le'Beu Exclusive:  Anatheme de la Diablerie:  Daily flaw.  The greatest sins often come with the greatest curses.  At some time or another one of your descendants has committed the act of Diablerie.  You carry this taint with you at times it comes back to haunt you exacting retribution upon your damned soul.


Required in order to purchase the "Le Sang Consomme Tout" skill.   You may select from the varying frequency and severity:

  • 1d2 Upon Failure suffer 20 hp loss at start of fight.

  • 1d3 Upon Failure suffer 30 hp loss at start of fight.

  • 1d4 Upon Failure suffer 40 hp loss at start of fight.



Blunted CaninesRoleplay element, your teeth do not end with sharpened points. Bites are painful and can leave mortals in shock or even death. Your standing within your pack could be affected. 1pt. Flaw

Blinded by Silver - The sight of silver in battle blinds you. Whenever a silver implement is brandished, you are automatically blinded. This effect can be recovered with a WILL roll of 8 or higher and cannot happen more than once per battle. 1pt flaw.

Terrified by Effigies - Roleplay Element. Effigies remind you of the traumatic past when the crusade made against your kind by hunters was enacted long ago. Seeing a fake figure seems to stop you dead in your tracks. 1pt. Flaw

Insatiable Need to Hunt - You must hunt nightly. 1pt. Flaw

Foaming at the Mouth - Whenever you transform, roll willpower save. 5 or lower and you are overcome with frenzy and have confusion inflicted upon you. 3 point flaw

The Hunters' Brand - The hunters have left their mark upon your flesh. While in human form, the flesh covers 4-5 inches squared and is scarred. Transformed, it doubles in size and fur refuses to grow over it, thus telling the world what you are. This mark is in a not-so-concealable area of your body.  1pt Flaw

Mange - Roleplay Element. skin disease of mammals caused by parasitic mites and is occasionally communicable to humans. It typically causes severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions. 1pt. Flaw

Flea/Louse-ridden - Lice and/or fleas seem to always take up residence on you. The social, as well as health, repercussions are moderate. 1 point flaw

Painful Transformation - Suffer 10HP damage upon transforming. Your transformation is visceral, with bones snapping, flesh-tearing, blood spilling. The ordeal leaves you worn and broken. 1pt flaw





Shunned - Roleplay Element. You were labeled a thief, or maybe a flesh dealer, or were you a drug trafficker? Perhaps a known murderer. Whatever the reason, your reputation is in ruins. Mortal organizations most likely will not accept you into their ranks. Interactions with NPCs are often fruitless as well. 1pt. Flaw
Shunned (Branded) / Scarlet Letter - Your previous reputation is something you just cannot shake no matter what you do.  Even changing where you live, your reputation seems to follow you like an unwanted dirty cloak at your back.  Your scandalous actions were publicized either by an extremely reputable person or organization.  This does NOT mean you are guilty of such crimes!  Perhaps you WERE the charming mistress who swayed a knight from his sworn oaths.   Perhaps you simply refused the call of a lord to his beside and in an act of revenge he cast you into this shame.   Either way, this shame comes with a physical mark - often a brand upon your face or the top of your hand (somewhere noticeable and open).  Because of your dubious reputation, you cannot join a faction or race group unless it is well-known for its lesser-than-savory recruits.  (Thieves Guild, Assassins, etc...)  You also cannot become an apprentice at one of the fine professional guilds of Rhy'din.  4pt. Flaw

Allergies - Pick a season for seasonal allergies. During that season, you are riddled with coughing, sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, etc. Particular allergies can be chosen as well. You avoid certain foods or items like the plague. 1pt. Flaw

For Whom the Bell Tolls - You might not know it's coming.  Something dark.  Something... deadly.   Your demise, whatever it may be, comes for you - and soon.   Select a date 9 to 12 months from now.  That is when your character must die.  No converting, no resurrection, only permanent death.  Is that a deadly pox you see upon your skin?  Angered the wrong pedestrian on the street one day?  The bell tolls for you.   5 pt. flaw.

Major Aversion to Toxicity - 200% damage received from all poisons or toxin attacks. 2SP flaw

I'm a Bleeder and That's a Nice Shirt - Some people just bleed when you look at them. A slap to the face and the nose erupt as if a levee broke. The slightest scrape seems to make you bleed like a stuck pig. Whenever you are hit in battle, apply a 2HP bleed. It cannot stack.    2SP flaw

The Frailty of Age - Your bones are sore with age. physically, you are slightly enfeebled due to time's unforgiving grasp, however, mentally you are keen as a blade.  -5 physical damage.   This flaw is worth 3 points. 

Major Disease - You are afflicted with a major disease of some type (your choice) that is fatal.   Your time is borrowed and you only have only a few months left to live.  The value of this flaw is determined on time.

  •  3 months - 3SP

  •  6 months - 2SP

  • 12 months - 1SP

Soulless (unbound) - There is nothing more valuable to a Mortal than their soul (whether they know it or not!). Perhaps some freak accident in a séance severed it from you, or perhaps you fell for a Crossroad's Demon's shady deal. Your soul is no longer your own and you walk the world lesser because of it. Willpower vs. Mind Control attempts are permanently lowered by 2.  2SP flaw
Soulless (bound) -
There is nothing more valuable to a Mortal than their soul (whether they know it or not!). Perhaps some freak accident in a séance severed it from you, or perhaps you fell for a Crossroad's Demon's shady deal. Your soul is no longer your own and you walk the world lesser because of it. Willpower vs. Mind Control attempts made by the NPC or played character who owns your soul is lowered by 5. 2
SP flaw



Zombified - I'm not saying you like brains, but did someone say brains? Yes, as an undead, you are, above all else, a zombie. A Slow moving, brain-craving undead. Your thirst for the sweet stuff hidden within nature's nutshell is insatiable and whenever a mortal human is around, you must stop what you are doing and pursue the feast presented before you. 5SP Flaw

Repulsed by Holy Symbols - Holy symbols disgust you. One cross hanging over a door bars your path, holy water screams to you, and the crucifix makes you retch. If one is around, you are not. 1pt. Flaw

Cannibalistic - Something about eating dead flesh gets your rocks off. You need to feed on corpses or other undead at least every other night. Nothing else will do. 1 point flaw

Prejudice against the Living - Roleplay Element. They live, you do not. You are envious of mortals and their gifts. It enrages you to see them squander it. Oftentimes, you are driven to violence whenever in their presence for prolonged periods of time. 1pt. Flaw

Smells of Death - You reek of it. Badly. 1pt. Flaw

Tainted Earth - Death follows you like a cloak. where you walk, the landscape behind you seems to rot and fester in time. This effect takes 24 hours to begin to show so you'd still remain hidden in tight situations. 1pt. Flaw


Clipped Wings - Roleplay Element.  Your wings have either been removed or are useless. you cannot fly. You cannot take flight actions as well.  1 point flaw

Injured Lungs - In battle long ago, you attempted to breathe death upon your foe. however, he or she lunged at the right time, striking you hard in the chest. Your lung collapsed, your breath erupting inside your lungs, permanently stretching and injuring them. Whenever you use a breath attack, you suffer 15HP True Damage.    2SP Flaw

Breathless - For some reason, you are unable to employ your breath attack at all.  5SP flaw

Haunted by Mithril - A natural weakness to many dragons, Mithril seems to strike fear into you. In its presence, you suffer -2 damage, -1 reflex penalties  1 point flaw

Confined to the Cache - Every day you spend away from your treasure, you suffer -1 damage starting on the very first day, stacking indefinitely. The separation takes root in every aspect of your life, slowly eroding away your thought process and sleep.  1SP flaw

Prejudices Against the Unlike - You are a certain dragon type, and utterly loathe those not of your type. Although you can contain your violence, you are easy to provoke and would avoid prolonged contact with other dragons. 1pt. Flaw


Broken Away From the World - Roleplay Element.   Certain elementals respect nature more than man. You've become an isolationist. Extended periods of time around others slowly begins to erode your will. You are capable of small talk and even some moderate conversations, but an entire evening at dinner or more is out of the question. 1pt. Flaw

Coreless - You lack an elemental core.  When your HP is reduced to zero, you die.  1SP flaw

Holding Fast to Truth - Elementals tend to center themselves around nature and its ways. These ways are the firmest of truths - laws of the planet. You crave the simplicity that is truth. Wretched liars are quickly disregarded. If you catch someone in a white lie, you can never fully trust the person again. Moderate lies will force you to rescind whatever relationship you possess with them. 1 point flaw

Prejudices against the Other Elements - The Primary element to which you belong is the best one in your eyes. Elementals or other magi centered in any other element seem to draw disdain from you. 1pt. Flaw

Exiled By Gaia - You cannot purchase skills that cost more than one skill point.  Gaia, for whatever reason, has exiled you from her bounty.  Perhaps you were the reason a large forest was set aflame, or a tidal wave was summoned onto a peaceful village. Gaia is no longer your ally and as such, refuses to grant you her boon.  5 point flaw.



Confined to the Cause - You cannot battle beside a demon. you hold fast to the ideals that heaven will prevail over hell and all of its denizens.  3pt flaw

Servant of the Metatron - As a Herald of God, your voice is loud. VERY loud. Even in times of utter peace, your voice is a shout at its lowest. 2Pt flaw

Wingless - Roleplay Element. cannot take skills that have to do with wings. In battle, your wings were severed from you. They are unable to regrow outside of heaven. 1pt flaw

Without Divine Grace - Cannot purchase healing skills. Cannot be healed by Holy/Light skills. You are shunned from Heaven. God has turned his back on you yet instead of falling to Hell, your convictions remain intact. Residual Angelic properties remain, but your glory and light are out.  5SP flaw

Jealousy Against His Perfect Creation - Much like Lucifer, you fail to see why Angels are treated by God the way they are, and humanity is not. You are envious of mortals and their gift. It enrages you to see them squander it. Oftentimes, you are driven to violence whenever in their presence for prolonged periods of time. 1pt. Flaw

Vicious Zealot - Roleplay element. Observing sin causes you to become enraged, and you must either leave the area or confront the filthy sinner. Those who repent their sins before you are absolved from your divine wrath. 1pt flaw



Shackled to the KingYou cannot battle beside an Angel. You hold fast to the ideals that Hell will destroy Heaven and all of its denizens.  3pt flaw

Servant of the Baphomet - Roleplay Element with a twist! You are actually the summoned minion of another Baphomet. This Baphomet can either be an NPC or a player (listed players receive additional value).  Although you are capable of independent thought, when commanded by your Master/Mistress, you are compelled to obey. In battle, this functions much like mind compulsion.   2pt flaw. 5pt flaw if by an actual played character.

The Avarice of Souls - Roleplay element. Something about the souls of Mortals compels you to be near.   Corrupting mortals becomes a top priority above all else. 1pt flaw

Sadism Against the Living - Roleplay Element.    Mortals make your fingers itch.    It's not so much a hatred, but their flesh, so pliable and weak, just begs to be violated and profaned.      Whenever in the presence of mortals, roll willpower.   5 or lower and you must either leave or enact your twisted whims.   2sp flaw

The Crossroads Bargainer - Roleplay Element. Your lust to purchase souls is insatiable. You're known to the four corners of Rhy'din. Does a human want something and cannot obtain it? For the low price of one's soul, YOU can provide.  Or so they think. It may all be a ruse, but the contract signed in their blood isn't. you can't resist tempting the living with a deal they cannot refuse.  1pt. Flaw

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