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Long ago, mortal men and women created Rhy'din.   Rhy'din was a lush, pristine landscape, opening her heart to any willing to embrace it. Her laws were firm and just, instilling morality in a world almost perfect.  In time, darkness invaded and warred with one another and mortals clung to their last bastions of hope. - the tall castles of their rulers.    All but a few remain today.   Mortals' past is written in blood and loss.   Yet when faced with the inevitable, they rather pass on their secrets.   For you see, immortality has a flaw - when you do not fear death, you fear losing power.   While immortal elders cling to their secrets in fear of teaching their pupils too much, mortals embrace the though, and thus their craft is perfected over centuries despite their limited lifespan.   Mortals' pasts are forged in the crucible of loss and written in blood.   Yet even in the worst of eras, mortal men and women possessed admirable traits: The unmatched will for survival and the desire when against all odds, to bang together against a common foe. 


Haven Network



The Age of Man







This realm once belonged to Mortals.   Now more than ever, they push back.

A pristine land lush with vegetation and vibrant landscape.   The Age of Man was Rhydin's greatest era of peace and prosperity.  No one knows exactly when darkness began to sow its seeds.   Yet as easily as man and women can band together and unite for good, power corrupts and none know this more than the nefarious immortal darkness.   Soon nations were set against nations, and armies and their wars wrecked the lands turning them into barren wastelands.   Even now, to this day, when one walks the roads, they can catch an occasional glimpse of ruins of once great and powerful nations.   Stone foundations are all that remain of Mortal legacies.   Or is it?   Rhy'din herself has endured.   Now the central city of the realm, her stone walls still stand tall, regardless of what they contain.

To sum the Mortal race in a few words is a ceaseless endeavor, they are a diverse lot.   Some choose to stick with their professions, others seek a higher, spiritual purpose, some are bent by the atrocities they have faced at the hands of darkness and joined Enclaves of hunters; there is truly no average.   Yet despite this diverseness, they are bound by blood and mortality, and they refuse to erode into extinction quietly.

Gone may be the Age of Man, but their spirit is very much intact.


Mortals have stood the test of time.   They have endured every imaginable calamity the forces of darkness could imagine.   Despite the droves killed, Mortals have banded together and stood defiant in the eyes of death.   Shackle their flesh, but their spirit shall remain free.    

For centuries, Mortal men and women have been born to a life of constant danger.

They are forged within the fire of strife, and as such, as humanity always does, it adapts to survive.   The majority of Mortals do not stray far from the confines of tall walls and others lest they are hunted down.   Yet these constant need to be vigilant has forged the race to embrace the secrets of the past.    Where other immortal races cling to their powers, humanity openly shares it in hopes the masses will be able to drive out the darkness which torments their lives.   Some find hope within their faith, and even further, within the religious organizations built to eradicate the darkness.   Others find that the Immortals are not the only ones capable of wielding darkness and surrender themselves to it willingly.   Yet some find simple pleasures in life still.   Where centuries of alchemical know-how are applied in classrooms for all to witness, study, replicate, and take advantage of.   Humanity, despite its quirks, has an indistinguishable spirit.

Notable Mortal Attributes

The broad spectrum of humanity is limitless.   

  • Sheer Versatility

  • Superior Industry

  • Baneless

  • Haven Network

Notable Mortal Weaknesses

  • Mortality - Mortals only receive 1HP per die side level up instead of the Immortals' 2HP.

  • Mortality - Momento Mori.   All things must die.   Mortals' lifespan in Rhy'din is between 45 to 76 years.

  • Mortality - Mortals are prone to illness.   During Story Events, if a disease is present, they are often afflicted worst of all races.



Very Common.   Mortals can breed with just about anything. Mortals' offspring tend to take on the race of the supernatural they breed with due to stronger genes/blood/reasons. Can procreate with anything able to procreate. The normal gestation time of 9 months.

Despite the relative ease of procreating with other races, depending on which race can have adverse effects on the mother.

Other Mortals - Low risk, low mortality rate.

Vampires - Severe risk, high mother mortality rate.

Shifters - Moderate risk, high mother and child mortality rate.

Dragons - Severe risk, high mother mortality rate, high success rate for egg/child.

Angels and Demons - Low to moderate risk to mother.

Fae - low risk, low mortality rate.

Elementals - Moderate risk, moderate mother mortality rate.

Undead - Cannot procreate with.





Alchemists have an interest, almost an obsession, with the very nature of things. Most alchemists have great respect for nature, others feel it can only be improved on, while others become obsessed with mastering it.

Tree Details:

Centers around Organic Chemistry to both heal allies and harm foes.

Unleash liquid death with Toxin:  Strange Brew and poison all of your foes with horrible toxins.

Citrinas allows you to create a small phial of potion which grants temporary invulnerability.

Obtain supernatural Strength with the ultimate concoction:   The Philosopher's Stone.






The assassin is an unfailing assailant; most of his targets never see him, and fewer still survive his first assault. The assassin stays in the shadows until the time is right.

Tree Details:

Grants increased stealth attack damage.

Seal Their Fate allows you to mimic attacks from others and perform them just as admirably.

Cloak and Dagger enables safe escape from battle after performing a successful kill.




The Bard openly questions and mocks authority, encourages impulse and enthusiasm, destroys convention, and promotes chaos and unrest. Even when punished horribly for their effrontery, their indomitable spirit (or sheer foolishness) keeps them coming back for more.

Tree Details:

Haggle Vendors for cheaper item creation costs.

Make your enemies drop their weapons and dance with Irresistible Dance

Create new tales worthy of song when you transform the entire party into animals with Mass Polymorph.




Druids, savages, diviners... call them what you will, those who hold domain over animals are never alone in battle. They call upon the Beasts of Nature to aid them.

Tree Details:

Befriend animals to fight at your side.

Animal Avatar grants the ability to morph into various animals.




Practitioners of the Divine, Clerics are Executors of Light. The gods don’t grant this power to everyone who seek it, but only to those chosen to fulfill a high calling.

Tree Details:

Provides party support with holy-based healing and revives.

Can eliminate scores of enemy minions with Cleansing of the Tainted.

Purge Evil with Flame or Holy Light by becoming a Crusader of Purity.

Shelter yourself or others from harm with Divine Barrier.


There are some minds adept in physical conquest, and others tapping into an unseen sixth sense of magic. Then there are the thinkers. Those who seek to understand the world and how it really works. Everything has an explanation. Machinists just now how to exploit the truth.

Tree Details:

Gain ranged attack potential with Auto-Crossbow, and even create bolts that Pierce and Fork into other opponents.

Bring Shadow Magic to a staggering halt with Lightbombs.

Tinker with some Traps to punish enemies who tread in your space.





ccult and Ritual

Sorcerers carry a magical birthright conferred upon them by an exotic bloodline, some otherworldly influence, or exposure to unknown cosmic forces. No one chooses sorcery; the power chooses the sorceress.

Tree Details:

Grants access and centers around Dark Magics.

Increases Magical Attack Die to 3d.

Gain an ally in Darkness with Summon the Unknown.

Give everything so others may live.   Sacrifice yourself to heal another.




Immortals and mortals alike harbor wants.  Passions sought at the lips of another. Seductionists have perfect the art of body language. Their raw appeal makes them the ultimate distraction.   

Tree Details:

Seduce your targets and convince them to take action against their nature and their allies.

Addicting Blood makes you an irresistible Feast for Supernaturals.

Take your palpable energy in the opposite direction. Your victim can feel Utter Calm whenever you are near, making them forget a battle is even taking place.




Groups of mortals band together, unwilling to surrender their lives to the growing dark which consumed Rhy'din. They train and equip themselves - honed to combat the endless evil which threatens their kind.

Tree Details:

Increase Physical Attack die with Paladin.

Dual-wielding allows the user to use two weapons in battle at the same time and employ both of their benefits.

Tools of the Trade ensures the Hunter is armed to the teeth and ready to destroy the supernatural threat.   Grants access to three econ weapons of your choice.



agicka Prime

Wild and enigmatic, varied in form and function, the power of magic draws students who seek to master its mysteries.  Wizards and Witches are supreme magic-users, defined and united as a class by the spells they cast

Tree Details:

Centers within the use of the Prime Elements of Lightning, Fire, Ice, and Light. 

Bombard your opponents with pure Magika with Magic Missiles.



Many rogues focus on stealth and deception, while others refine the skills that help them in a dungeon environment, such as climbing, finding and disarming traps, and opening locks.

Tree Details:

Rob them blind with improved theft skills.

Plan a daring Heist.   Grab your crew of other like-minded souls and score the big haul.

Got caught?   No problem, nothing a little charm-speak can't handle.




The Order of the Silver Griffon
Leader: Halward Colwynn
Status: Recruiting
Website: n/a
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