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ules of Rhy'din

1.     The moon in Rhy'Din is ALWAYS full.
2.     A lighted Tavern? pshaw! riiiight, no such thing!
3.     Ample breastage: no bras under a "C" cup are allowed within Rhy'Din's borders.
4.     Men: always "well built" and "mysterious"... .and no matter how much alike they appear, they're always "unique and different".
5.     Women: Loose clothing? what means this?
6.     Men: any hair color other than black or silvery is practically non-existent.
7.     Vampires: the master race of Rhy'Din. . .if there was a tavern without one, much shock would ensue.
8.     Women: ALWAYS beautiful, young, luscious. Rhy'Din has the best plastic surgeon.
9.     Men: All are the best fighter, most fearsome and totally fearLESS :::snickers::
10.     A Newbie mentions the very word newbie IC, no matter HOW long they've been RPing.
11.     If you happen to be a masochist, and love pain and ye don't react to a hit with a holler of pain, then yer deemed a newbie.
12.      If'n ye have fun, and ::gasp:: enjoy yourself and throw anything that isn't a peanut or skittle, you are either immature, a newbie or a fool.
13.     You need no food to sustain you... .only liquor.
14.     The RDPD blows goats.
14a   ) They get to blow things up with massive near-illegal, and TOTALLY outrageous dice, and holler and try and AA people, and yet they are not newbies... .they are "professionals".
15.     Levitation: possible when necessary.
16.     No matter how much blood you have lost, there is always some Mage healer who can fix you up in a jiffy.
17.     Mortal? What's that?!?!
18.     All small critters, whether they be fairies, spriggats, etc. . .have whining rights, and the right to flit above in people's ears, and to "scuttle".
19.     Human? oh yeah, they're on the endangered species list!
20.    Whatever you need, it can be pulled out of thin air.
21.     Need money? psssh! I have a pouch FULL of GP's and silvers and sometimes plats! Have some!!
22.     Doors? oh yeah, but who needs 'em when we have portals, and fire and mist!
23.     Everyone's parents are dead. They were either killed by themselves, or massacred.
24.     Reading minds, picking up a guy... .it's as easy as smiling!
25.     Eye contact gives one the access to read your mind, see your past and pain and hurt. . .
26.    One can only give birth in the middle of a Tavern... .the hospitals are always "mysteriously closed" when labor begins.
27.     Whenever you want attention, just threaten suicide!
28.     The only colors that exist in Rhy'Din are Black, blood red, dark blue, or YELLOW.
29.     We are ALL young.
30.     Unless you are an Assassin, Mage or Healer, employment does not exist in Rhy'Din.
31.      Tenders? oh yeah, they're on the endangered species list as well!!
32.     All those in the Rhy'Din sparring ring MUST be/speak Japanese.
33.     Talking OOC without parenthesis is annoying... .talking OOC WITH parenthesis is REALLY annoying.
34.     Long hair is a must as there are no barbers in Rhy'Din.
35.      There is no facial hair unless it is a goatee.
36.      No matter where in Rhy'Din you are, you can always find a fireplace.
37.      Wine is made with everything except grapes.
38.      Every building has rafters.
39.      Vampires have always "just gone a day without feeding".
40.      There is no such thing as a tavern with only happy people.
41.       Tenders may never stay for more than two minutes.
42.      Each tavern has at least two people who claim to own it, minus the Medieval and the Vampire Taverns, which are also always open and PACKED.
43.      There is no concept of "morning" in Rhy'Din.
44.      No one ever drinks beer... .only the best liquor there is to offer, or Ale, "wyne" or hard liquor.
45.      Taverns always have the drink you want, even if the tender(ess) has NO clue what that drink is.
46.      Demons cause typos, punts, and other terrible events.
47.      ALL young children have speech impediments (ie: "huggles" & "wuns")
48.      The bigger part of Rhy'Dinian women are not straight... .they are either bisexual or pure lesbian.
49.      All morphing abilities are under control... .no accidental morphings.
50.      Platonic relationships are discouraged.
51.       No one looks older than 25, and actually no younger than 200.
52.      There is no such thing as a Rhy'Dinian without a tragic past.
53.       Simply walking into a room in unacceptable. One must slide, glide, flutter, fall, appear, or materialize.
54.      For women, red hair is more common than blonde hair in a nazi camp.
55.      Everyone carries a 9 mm handgun.
56.      Everyone sticks to the shadows.
57.       If you're female, and you're eyes don't "glitter like emeralds" you're a freak!
59.      Women: it is unacceptable if your hair does not "curl" or "cascade".
60.      There are no tables in the front of the taverns... people only sit in the back where it's dark, yet, there always manages to be an empty table.
61.       Men are not allowed to be under 6'10" unless on all fours.
62.      Tavern bars: always fully stocked.
63.       No one actually SLEEPS at an Inn... .so what's the point?
64.      Anyone who speaks perfect English in considered illiterate.
65.       Before committing suicide, one must make sure at LEAST two people are watching.
66.       And remember, above ALL ELSE. . .in Rhy'Din, death is YOUR choice!!

Joke "Rules of Rhy'din" used over 20 years ago

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