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Inhuman Speed


They are creatures of the moon, able to transform at will to hulking beasts half animal and half man. A Shifter even in his human form is gifted with unnaturally sensory traits and strength. While embracing their animal form, they boast massive amounts of strength and speed, as well traits handed down from family, tribe,  or pack.

Enhanced Strength


Natural Magics




Children of Luna




Silver Weakness

Mercury Weakness

Wolfsbane Weakness

Lightning Weakness


The Moon is calling...


They are creatures of the moon, able to transform at will to hulking beasts half animal and half man. A Shifter even in his human form is gifted with unnaturally sensory traits and strength. While embracing their animal form, they boast massive amounts of strength and speed, as well traits handed down from family, tribe, or pack.  Despite their outward, feral appearance, Shifters are deeply rooted to nature and natural resources.   They are also fiercely loyal to their pack, but especially to their Life Mate.    Once a Shifter bonds with his Life Mate, that bond is unbreakable, and should something happen where the two part, the mental scars such a loss leaves behind never heal.  Rumors are afloat between a bitter feud between Shifters and Vampires.  Perhaps they vie for the same "hunting ground" or perhaps even the same prey.   One thing is for certain, Shifters are not content allowing others the fruits of their fields.   Triffle with one of the pack, and you may face more than you bargained for.






The mythos surrounding that of the Shifters is overwhelming. You could ask fifty people about their kind and receive fifty different answers. Even among many packs, their knowledge of their own origins are often tainted and twisted by the ones who speak of their history as a legend. What is clear, however, remains a simple truth: No longer does the Children of Luna walk mindlessly alone. They have learned the ways of their heritage. Shifters now move in large groups called "Packs" or "Tribes",    Often led by their strongest, the Alpha. Just like their animal cousins.


Shifters possess a rare gift - a spiritual bond to the earth and nature.  They are almost tribal in their ways of life. They use instinct and the guidance of their elders to pave their way in a world consumed by shadow. Even the furious have souls, few find more peace than that of the Shifter for they have learned to embrace what resides within us all - the beast within.

Notable Shifter Attributes

Shifters lean more towards physical conquest, however, their affinity to nature blesses them with few magical spells as well as curative powers.

  • Superior Strength

  • Enhanced Senses

  • Enhanced Regeneration

  • Enhanced Speed

  • Magically Adept (Natural)

  • Beast Form

Notable Shifter Weaknesses

  • Silver and werewolves have a common connection - the full moon. Contact with silver causes an almost caustic reaction, and if left within the body, can cause permanent injury and even death.  300% damage.

  • Lightning is a well documented elemental bane to Shifters, capable of stripping flesh from bone and deeply singing fur.  200% damage.

  • Quicksilver, commonly known as mercury does not boast the same conductive properties as silver, however, it possesses a harmful trait:  It is toxic to Shifters. Not as fatal as pure silver, enough mercury in the right hands can cause serious harm to you.  200% damage.

  • Wolfsbane, a highly poisonous plant, its toxins are deadly to Shifters in large amounts. Even touching this plant causes large pustules and blisters accompanied with wracking pain. This substance shuts down the ability to use skills and specials.


Shifter Forms

The Shifter can maintain three forms including:

  • Human - Human form.

  • Crinos - Chrinos is the hybrid form where the human and animal meet. This form is usually much larger than the shifter's normal human form. The body resembles that of a bipedal creature while things such as hands, arms, facial features, head, etc take on that of the animal.

  • Animal - This form is the base animal at its normal basic size or larger.




Canines - These are likely some of the most widely known variety of Shifters. They work well in packs, but can sometimes be seen as lone or rogue creatures. Though some such as hyenas and jackals tend to be less often seen. They are the well rounded aspects of the Shifter breeds.

  • Wolves

  • Hyenas

  • Coyotes

  • Jackals

Felines -  The second most traditional group of Shifter are the feline group. Lions usually maintain Prides and others like Leopards have Pards. While Tigers, Jaguars, and Ocelots tend to be free spirits, roaming the wilds alone (or the rare pair.)

  • Lions

  • Tigers

  • Jaguars

  • Leopards

  • Ocelots

Mammals -  These tend to have better control; if only because they have learned quite literally that they can go from zero to a bull in a china shop in about ten seconds. Known for their sheer strength and endurance, they are tanks on the battlefield; usually the first line to charge into a fight acting as front line defense. They can also adapt to many different social settings, making them highly prized for any pack.

  • Foxes

  • Boars

  • Bears

  • Gorillas

  • Rhinoceros

Birds of Prey -  Lastly, the avian group of Shifters. They are rarest of the species to be seen, however their numbers have seem to grown in the past decade or so. Those of this species are often observed as highly intelligent, creative, patient, and agile.   

  • Owls

  • Eagles

  • Ravens

  • Crows

  • Hawks



Shifters can breed with just about anything. Shifter genes can be passed on, however is not required nor is it common. Most common result is mortal. Inter-species Shifters mating often results in the mother's species, however no mingled species.  Can procreate with anything able to procreate.

Gestational Details - Gestation typical to that of a mammal. Mother carries, 9-12 month gestation period.






Full Moon

The Full Moon makes the Ahroun the living weapon of Gaia. They are the natural warriors among a race of warriors, the champion of a martial people. Ever ready to kill, and to die if need be.

Tree Details:

Centers around Physical domination over foes.

Luna's Fury increases physical attack die to 3d.

Gain temporary immunity over death with Rage Armor.

Let nothing stop you on your warpath by using Clarity.




Crescent Moon

The sickle-shaped crescent moon grants the gift of insight. The Theurge’s are the mystics of the Shifters, closer than any to the Umbra and its denizens.

Tree Details:

Grants expansive knowledge over the natural arcane by traversing the Weave.

Heal the wounds of multiple allies with Gaia's Grace.

Completely restore your body from grievous wounds with Between the Weave.



Gibbous Moon


The Galliard sings the soul of the Shifters. They are the voice of the People, calling them to battle and inspiring them to greatness in life and in death. They are also keepers of traditions, carrying the lore of tribes all the way back to the beginning.

Tree Details:

Iron Rending increases physical attack die to 3d.

Inspire your allies with Rallying Cry.

Ensure your hunt goes unseen with Distractions and bypass an enemy's Perception Check.



Waning Moon


The Cahalith serve as natural born hunters within their pack or tribe.   They are the hunter-gatherers that provide their family with sustence.   However some employ their keen scent and skills in tracking to assist in clandestine acts on behalf of the group.

Tree Details:

Increases damage while stealthed.

Predator Instinct allows you to reroll a failed Reflex save.

Punish those who attack you with Ward of the Spirit Slumber and force them into a deep sleep.


ribe Mentality


Some thrive alone in the wilderness or the rough cityscape, others build familial bonds with their pack or tribe through bonds of blood and fire.   

Tree Details:

Grants beneficial stat benefits for both the like-minded group player or the isolationist.

One could embrace both sides of the coin and know when it's the right time to ally, and when it's time to go it alone.


ites of Nature


The Tribes of Old all shared a common connection - nature.   Those adept in putting the sword down and listening to the Earth are gifted with profound gifts, able to mend the flesh and soothe the soul.

Tree Details:

Centers around Natural Healing Abilities.

Purifying Balance alleviates status effects.

Produce a massive amount of healing with Mother's Touch.



Half Moon


The half moon means balance and duality, a Shifter born under its influence frequently acts as counselor, mediator, and law-keeper to his pack.

Tree Details:

Gain Mastery over destructive natural magics.

Hurl a massive bolt of lightning with Thunderbolt

Pacify enemies with Aura of Truce and convince them fighting you is not in their best interests.

Lament of the River sweeps your foes into a violent deluge.​



New Moon

He who is born during the New Moon acts as the mythic tricksters, the fool who is alternately foolish and wise. He plays the role of the contrary, questioning tradition in order to find the wisest path.


Tree Details:

Grants extended transformation time.

Skin Stealing allows you to assume the face of someone else.   Perfect for those sneaky endeavors.

Grants immobilizing status effect breaks with the skill Slip Away.




Tales of a Shifter's innate ability to stave off horrific wounds is legendary.   Children of Luna seem to benefit from her kiss, able to withstand and recover from even normally fatal wounds.

Tree Details:

Grants various stat boosts to ensure survival.​

Become immune to the action-altering effects of Wolfsbane.

No longer fear the skies by overcoming the adversity to Lightning.


irds of Prey


Avian Shifters are a new emergence within Rhy'din, boasting a unique array of skills that exemplify flight and agility.

Tree Details:

Gain the Gift of Flight.

Bombard your opponents with flying attacks.

Quickly escape unfavorable battle situations using flight.



Packs and Tribes

None yet, accepting applications
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