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Elemental Immunity

The first Elementals are the oldest known living entities in the World.   They predate the Titans as well as the Primordials.  Elementals are the physical embodiment of nature itself and are bound to its laws.   These wonderous creatures boast extreme affinity to their primary element, to the point they can restore themselves with it.   Their powers are vast ranging from horrific destructive potential to life-nourishing.







Nature's Embodiment



Opposing Element Weakness

Weakness in Planar Form



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                              Water; our blood

                                        Air: our breath

                                                Earth; our body

                                                          and Fire; our spirit

Elementals have roamed the realms as long as there have been elements to fuel them. Despite coming from the elements found in the universe, each one has a unique signature that makes pinpointing their exact abilities a trivial pursuit.

Elementals are driven by nature, even their mindset directly reflects their element.   For example, Fire elementals are prone to impulsive action and anger quite easily while Earth Elementals are calm and protective in nature, preferring deep contemplation before taking action.   Elementals all disappeared from the world with the recent Mortal expansion, the destruction of the Rhy'din continent was far too agonizing to witness.   Yet as nations died and civilization dwindled, regrowth is taking root in the corners of Rhy'din, thus enabling the return of the species.   A glimmer of hope that not all is lost within these lands, after all.



Perhaps some of the oldest living creatures known to man, Elementals are physical embodiments of the elements of the world.   They are capable of producing numerous wonders including the ability to heal wounds through the miraculous purity of water, create gouts of destructive flame, produce lightning from the tips of their fingers, and even encase themselves in a protective earthen cocoon.   

Many of the Old Ones are tucked away deep within the secret areas of the world where other, younger Elementals tend to them and learn all they can from their vast knowledge.  Over the ages, Elementals have gained legendary status among both the scientific and religious fields.   Professionals can take pieces of a slain elemental core and use it to imbue various weapons and armor.    Whereas many older religions lauded the Gaia's Chosen as demigods and agents of their lords.

Notable Elemental Attributes

Despite the multitude of elemental types there are, all Elementals seem to share the following attributes:

  • Magically Superior

  • Natural Magical Empowerment (3d)

  • Immortality

  • Enhanced Senses

  • Enhanced Regeneration

  • Elemental Immunity 

  • Elemental Sustenance

  • Elemental Core Recovery

  • Critical Effectiveness 


Notable Elemental Weaknesses

  • Severe Opposing Element Weakness - Elementals all possess an opposing element that directly counters their nature.   This element is your utter bane.  300% damage taken.

  • Vulnerable in Planar Form - You can embody your element with a living avatar.   In this form, you gain 4d to elemental attacks, however, sustain 100% more damage from your opposing element.

  • Elemental Temperament -

  • Elementals always seem to harbor aspects of the elements at their command.   This is a forced flaw that must be roleplayed out.

    • Fire - Quick to anger, aggressive.

    • Ice - Pensive, yet wrathful.   Seeker of knowledge.

    • Water - Passive, submissive, or calm.   "goes with the flow".

    • Lightning - Quick-witted, quick to action, does not think before he leaps.

    • Wind - Unable to stick with long term plans.   Non-committal.

    • Earth - Calm and level headed, passive to attack, keen to defend.

    • Energy - Seeker of balance.


Semi-rare.   Elementals that stick to breeding with their own element and race often see greater chances of success. Mating with non-opposing elementals may produce an Elemental of one or more of the parent's elements. Procreation between two opposing Elementals is impossible. Due to multiple species' weaknesses, the Elemental may have difficulty mating with other species let alone produce viable offspring. Cannot procreate with opposing Elementals or other creatures with a natural weakness to any of your elements.


Gestation is typical to that of a mammal. The mother carries; 6-9 month gestation period.




Ele Skills



The elemental harnesses fire in all forms. You can feel the warmth deep beneath the crust. It calls to your heart in a way that others cannot understand.

Tree Details:

Attack multiple targets with a scaling skill that improves its power as you do with Fire Blast.

Create a dangerous living armor around you with Magma Manipulation.

Pyroportation allows you to teleport to and from flames from location to location.




The elemental harnesses ice in all forms. She is deep and pensive, and slow to anger, yet when her wrath is invoked, all is left in chilling ruin.

Tree Details:

Traverse quickly using ice, allowing you to skate across the sky using Ice Gliding.

Make the world come crumbling down around them when you summon a massive Avalanche upon your hapless foes.

Penetrate the thickest of armors with Piercing Ice Strikes.




The elemental harnesses water in All forms. Water elementals are often adaptive to their surroundings, capable of both aiding allies and utterly destroying enemies.

Tree Details:

Boasts an impressive array of healing skills.

Tidal Wave ignores defenses and sweeps away your foes in a horrific undertow.

Hear Voices in the Water and communicate with others where standing water lies.





The elemental harnesses the continuous wind cycles which move around the planet to summon powerful and dangerous storms, command gusts and breezes to one's whim.

Tree Details:

Siphon the air from their lungs with Air Vortexes and leaves them silenced.

Reverse Inertia Manipulation uses the existing force of an opponent and wind to reverse attacks back to your opponents.

Unfurl a powerful tornado to wreak havoc on opponents and landscapes alike.



Practitioners of the Storm are powerful objectors of evil. their judgment is cast down from the skies as well as within the self. 

Tree Details:

Stun enemies with a Concussive Lightning Bolt.

Increase the healing you receive from your own element with Lightning Absorption.

Lowers enemy's damage by distracting them with a continuous field of static.




These elementals harness earth in all forms. You hear the call of the earth as she sings all around you. Nature embraces you as her child and she answers to your chant.


Tree Details:

Summon massive defenses to aid your endeavors with Diamond Exoskeleton and Ferro-Construct.

Blind the masses with a sweeping Sandstorm.





Neutral Trees



Energy Elementals understand not only the fundamentals of the universe but its finer details.  Harnessing powers of aura, energy, mana, and mirror matter, the Energy Elemental is a powerful ally.

Tree Details:

All Elementals may take from the Energy tree regardless of Element or Dual-Element (does not take up an element spot.)

Energy can bolster other elements' damage.

Boasts utility spells and healing.


Rarely do we find balance in the self, yet in nature, balance is the law of all things. The Elements have their say, yet the world will always find equity. 

Tree Details:

Increases stats such as Willpower, Reflex, and Perception.

Dual Elements allows the Elemental to take an additional, non-opposing element.

Critical Mass allows all criticals to leave a lingering after-effect.




The Natural Order
Leaders:  Dramir Reign
Status: Recruiting
Website:  Coming Soon
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