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Dragon Breath

Dragons are legendary creatures known for their sheer size, and iconic destructive breath.   These often misunderstood creatures are assumed evil or monstrous, and while yes some of the races of dragons are indeed malevolent, there are far greater dragons that mean well or would rather keep to themselves hidden in their vast caches.   They are massive creatures, their scales are thicker than full plate mail.   Their kinds vary from Chromatic, Metallic, and even Gem or Planar.   They are deeply connected with the lands around them and hold a massive wealth of wisdom.   Yet, the constant hunting of their kind often leave most un-trusting of other races.   


Superior Defenses

Creatures of Legend

Mithril Weakness

Dragon Bone


Severe Avarice

Natural Elemental




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"No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith. And that, I fear, for any reasoning, conscious being, would be the cruelest trick of all"

                                                                                           - Drizzt Do'Urden

Dragons over the ages have faced a rather cruel rap for their kind.   Ask anyone in the realm of dragons and they will tell you tales of a massive monster bent of raiding a village or terrorizing a town.   This is often accompanied by tales of a valiant knight upon a horse with lance in hand heroically slaying the dragon and restoring peace to the land.   It's amazing what a couple of bad apples can do...

Dragons come in countless types and forms.   While there are a few who would love nothing more than to destroy mankind and set roost upon the ruins, there are many more that would enjoy nothing more than to keep to themselves.   Even further, there are kind and benevolent dragons who seek to spread their knowledge with the world.   It seems, once again, the legends do not always match the subject, however, do not think twice that a dragon would not show you what it is fully capable of.



Dragons are among the most ancient and powerful races in creation. Primordial beings that ruled over all of creation, millennia before most other species even evolved. Terrible beyond comprehension and cunning these great beasts have their claws in mortal affairs across the realms. Often blending into mortal society manipulating kings and other rulers watching their plans unfold over decades or centuries. Due to infighting and the rise of humanity and the other mortal races, their numbers have dwindled down to nothing. Now those that remain jealously guard their territory and hordes of treasure, many following their own agendas.

From the Majestic Gold who seeks to enforce their own vision of goodly justice to the Terrible and Mighty Red, whose appetite for Destruction and Violence knows no bounds. From the Jovial and comedic Brass to the Cunning and Manipulating Blue behind the scenes plotting and scheming. The existence of dragonkind has left its mark upon the world; reaching heights that few could imagine, and even fewer could dream to achieve.

Notable Dragon Attributes

Dragon types vary quite a bit, yet all Dragons have attributes shared throughout the race.

  • Superior Defenses

  • Breath Attack

  • Immortality

  • Enhanced Senses

  • Enhanced Regeneration

  • Magically Adept

  • Dark Vision

Notable Dragon Weaknesses

  • Severe Mithril Weakness - Stronger than silver, lighter than steel, Mithril seems to emanate an unknown magical aura about it which repulses and destroys the cellular structure of Dragons.  300% damage taken.

  • Weakness to Dragone Bone - Hunters of the ancient past have discovered that a way to hurt dragons is through their own literal heritage.   Crafting weapons from their own remains seem to harm a dragon more than conventional steel weapons.  200% damage taken.

  • Elemental Weakness - Dragons are magical creatures, they are attuned to nature and as such, they are drawn to a singular element.   Like all magic and nature, this requires balance therefore your opposite element is your bane.

  • Severe Avarice - Dragons are well-known for their lust for riches.   Even benevolent dragons harbor a deep and ardent yearning for hoarding gold and other precious items.   The more it's worth, the more a dragon must have it.   Some dragons may only be distracted by a mere few gold coins, however, others build entire homes around their stash.


Gestation is typical to that of a reptile.  An egg is laid and hatched.   Little is known about the reproduction of Dragons in detail.   Only one source has been found:

Rise in glory, Bronze and gold.

Dive entwined, Enhance the Hold.

Count three months and more

And five heated weeks,

A day of glory and

In a month who seeks?

A strand of silver In the sky...

With heat, all quickens

And all times fly.


Therefore three months after the mating flight until clutching, and then five weeks until they hatch.

Dragon Lore




Dragon Skills


rch   Magus




Usually of evil-alignment, Most Arch Magus dragons simply seek to quench their endless lust for treasure, food, and bloodshed. The scales of these dragons all match the color given in the name.

Tree Details:

This type specializes in increasing Magical Power.

Manipulate your opponents' minds with Suggestive Thoughts and implant your will within them.

Chaos Armor increases the Dragon's defense while damaging enemies foolish enough to attack you.




Centurions often defend their lands from evil, particularly evil dragons. The scales of these dragons are composed of the metal in the name or recreate the appearance of such.


Tree Details:

This type of dragon specializes in increasing physical and defensive prowess.

Alter Reality and tear holes into the known, piercing through the thickest of armors or hides with Temporal Displacement.

Ballistic Roar slams opponents forcefully with a sonic blast.


Neutrally aligned dragons taking on the form of a given crystal or gem.   Their motives vary as much as their powers.

Tree Details:

This type specializes in altering the battle through various status effects and stealth attacks.

Blind all of your opposition with Blinding Lights.

Sonic Scales bounces sounds off yourself and amplifies the noise until it is so loud it can stun and deafen enemies.







The races of dragons are many and are vastly diverse.   Some cling to their natural gifts with frightening proficiency.

Tree Details:

This tree improves the Dragon Type's elements in different ways depending on the dragon type/color.

Racial affinity increases your element's damage per attack.




Above all else, a Dragon is known for it's devastating breath, capable of leveling cities, burning armies to ash, and inspiring Legends.

Tree Details:

Expanded Lungs and Lungs of the Great Wyrm allows the

dragon to use their breath attack more often.

Creature of Legend makes your breath attack so devastating it bypasses all defenses.

Lingering Breath leaves behind status effects should your crit with your Breath Attack.

These effects vary per element.



Dragons' ability to withstand all forms of punishment is well documented, from their size to their thick scales and hide, a dragon is near impossible to stop.

Tree Details:

Centers around defenses and increasing stats such as Perception, Reflex, and Willpower.

Make your weakness to Mithril a thing of the past.

Decreases the damage taken by other banes.


Some dragons are just as lethal in human form as they are in their true form.   Dragons are an industrious lot, employing ancient and powerful methods to dispatch their foes.

Tree Details:

Vorpal Strike grants your blade the ability to convert an attack to True Damage.

Draconic Life Link grants the dragon the ability to fully

restore a friendly dragon to peak condition.

Order of the Dragon places a boon open an ally.   Should they die, they rise

anew their next turn.





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