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Holy or Shadow


A war rages, older than any other conflict in any span of time.   Angels of the Gods themselves, Angels vie to maintain grip upon Mortal souls while the fallen of their Grace of their gods seek to consume them.    Some liken the conflict to the war between good and evil.   Yet, history shows hints that not all Angels are benevolent.   Some fall in secret and seek their own agendas, while some demons stray from their oppressors, seeking a new path of righteousness.    One thing is for certain, the Aetherials are not so black and white as the scriptures suggest.


A Change of Path

(Fallen or Redeemed)

Astral (True)


God's First

Holy or Shadow


Enochian Language

and Sigils

Bond to the

True Name

Bound to




and Demons


Magically Adept

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ngels and Demons


"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven."

                                                                                           -Paradise Lost

Of all the wars both awesome and horrific, none are more recanted than the war of Angels and Demons.   Within Rhy'din there are many deities, and each has its agents to enact their "will", just as many deities have some sort of discretion, the anti-Angel.   Demon, Daemon, Dameon.   Angels and Demons are said to be "God's First" and thus the very first living beings created into existence.   Angels' powers are only limited upon the amount of power their god bestows upon them.   Some are so powerful, they cannot take shape at all, they are simply formations of light.   Whereas others take on humanoid forms in the heavens and mete out their god's wrath and justice.

Yet despite scripture, Angels are not perfect, and nor are the gods.   If everything is God's will, then certainly there would be no Holy War between his devout and the twisted sinners of Hell.   Demons are often said to be Angels who sided with other rebellious factions and their gods cast them from Heaven.   Away from the light, their souls became warped and twisted, and where love once took root remained only contempt.   Demons range from simple servant slaves to Devils powerful enough to contend with the gods themselves.

Despite all this power, each side seems to share the need to acquire souls.   A secret war is fought and the fate of humanity hangs within the balance.   Should this secret war turn to outright conflict on earth, the Apocalypse would destroy everything as we know it and both sides know this, thus they conduct their war with redeeming and corrupting as many souls as possible from the shadows.

Angels are often seen as the ultimate good, and demons pure evil, yet as these Aetherials take feet upon the soils of the earth, free will begins to take root and show that both are just as susceptible to Fall or Redeem as the souls they try endlessly to sway.

Angels and Demons

Notable Angel and Demon Attributes

Despite the multitude of elemental types there are, all Elementals seem to share the following attributes:

  • Superior Healing and Mind Manipulation

  • Astral Form

  • Immortality

  • Enhanced Senses

  • Enhanced Regeneration

  • Enhanced Strength

  • Path to Fallen or Redeemed

Notable Angel and Demon Attributes

  • Holy/Darkness Severe Weakness - Elevating your weakness to dark/light-based magic, an angel or demon considers their polar opposite to be the bane of their existence.

  • Enochian Language and Sigils - The angelic language hold dominion over both angel and demon. Spells in this origin are capable of forcing truths to downright exorcism. Weapons carved with sigils or runes in this language can fatally harm those of the Aether. 

  • Bound to a Vessel - You are bound to a single vessel, whereas you may traverse your spirit free from mortal to mortal, to be away from your True Vessel will employ a -5 damage debuff as you are weakened.

  • True Name - Anyone who speaks the angel or demon's true name within their presence will hold total control over them.  (Unavoidable Mind Control)




Angels are powerful celestial beings of light created by a god to serve not only as their attendants and messengers but also as their soldiers and warriors in their war against their opponents and their ilk.  They are native to Heaven and are imbued with considerable power. although most are ignorant of the goings-on of Rhy'din when they first arrive, most are extremely intelligent and can pick up on human intricacies of socialism within a month or so.   

They are born of light and hope and often radiate a gentle warmth, glow, or both known as a halo.   They are adept healers, unmatched in restorative prowess, their downside is they are holy elemental and repulse, rather than heal dark forces.   They are harbingers of justice, meting out "God's Will" wherever they can.


Demons, on the other hand, are malevolent spirits that are the direct opposites to Angels. They are created from human souls that have endured extensive torture in Hell. In this process, they become corrupted, extremely evil, and also very powerful.   


They are very adept in the social aspects of human life and often employ their powers to lure or torment.  They relish in the suffering of mortals and often think of their existence as a paltry one or even a joke.   They are masochists, evil plain, and simple.   Angels may be the bringer of hope but gaze upon a demon and despair. 


Fallen Angels


The ranks of the Fallen are either allies of Hell or independent entities.   On the mild side, Angels who have gone rogue and fallen from God's grace are shunned for their betrayal of God's Plan.   No longer do they emanate the Light of God.   Instead, their magics are of darkness - a sign of God turning his eye upon his former child of light. 

On the more extreme side are those who were once in God's service and have witnessed some event which was so unfavorable, it corrupted their souls entirely.   As a direct contestant of Heaven, the Fallen Angel allies itself with Hell and it's demons pledging unerring loyalty.  

Fallen Angels are able to partake up to half their Skill Points (SP) into the Demon trees.   Some restrictions apply.

Redeemed Demons

Although most consider demons lost souls incapable of redemption, God's forgiveness knows no bounds.  Demons who stray from the path of darkness may receive clemency from the Heavens and may rejoin their ranks as a Redeemed. Although one can never fully cleanse the taint of their past as a demon, redemption proves that nothing it impossible when you put aside the darkness in your heart and strive for a better way.

Redeemed Demons are often plagued with nightmares. The sudden injection of a reasonable conscious weighs hard against the sins of the past.   It is not uncommon to see Redeemed Demons practicing self-flagellation in order to remind him or her of committed sin, depravity, and vileness in the eyes of God.


VERY rare.

  • Angels are often chaste by principle. Those who stray from their vows are subject to punishment, often leading to the loss of their Grace.

  • Angels who procreate do not produce Angelic offspring due to the fact they are within a vessel.

  • Angels are holy/angelic based and therefore cannot mate with those weak to such.

  • Cannot produce Angels.

  • Cannot mate with Undead, Vampires, and Demons



Moderately rare.

  • Demons are said to be the lost souls of fallen Angels. However, further studies indicate that demons can be born into existence via a devil,

  • a powerful demon, or ritual itself.

  • Recently, it has been found that demons can mate with other creatures. The result is generally always a demon, as demons taint others from within - such is their nature.

  • Demons are darkness based, and therefore cannot mate with those weak to such.



ngels and Demons


God required Angels to protect the Garden of Eden, and although he was unwilling to part with his Archangels, he created the Cherubim, stalwart protectors of Heaven's interests.

Tree Details:

Boost your defenses with Ambriel's Devotion.

Use the Holy Edict to bolster the defenses of an ally on the battlefield.

Unbind yourself to your earthly vessel with Unbind Vessel.

Higher ranking angels in the plains of Heaven, Archangels are the sword and shield of God. Sworn to defend His holy name and kingdom. Able to deliver potent physical blows as well as smite God's enemies.

Tree Details:

Burn your enemies with your heavenly Smite.

Overcome the first status effect placed on you with Justicar of Divinity.

Increase your power as a Savior of Heaven.








The Seraphim are of the highest order of Angels and closest to the Grace of God. They possess nearly limitless ability in healing and are often seen as pacifists aiming to correct war's sin rather than perpetuate it.

Tree Details:

Heal your allies using The Angelic Mass.

Use Purify and Renewal on the entire group with Light of Divinity.

Bring the dead back to life with Del Gratia Rex.




Living symbols of God's justice and authority. Equity in all things is the very principle in which Thrones live and thrive. They can easily right injustices wrought in front of them.

Tree Details:

Grant your entire party bonuses of willpower, reflex, and perception.

Split the damage with the entire party to help negate damage to your allies with Divine Equality.

Immunity to being blinded in combat with Justice Has No Eyes.



These angels are those through which signs and miracles are made in the world. They are the very presence we feel when an angel comes to Earth. They are the heralds, living outside of Heaven because of their charge by God.

Tree Details:

Grant your allies defense with Denounce the Devil.

Grant your allies a damage boost with Zeal of Michael.





Demon tricksters of Hell. They relish in the subjugation of others to do their bidding and often hold tidbits of information over their victims' heads to force them into servitude.

Tree Details:

Bring monsters to the battlefield with specialized summoning abilities.

Have the ability to pre-summon your minions with indentured servitude.

Grant your minions additional abilities.

When the betrayer Seraphim fell, their powers became twisted and corrupted. Infernals employ diabolical magic to aid their destructive path.

Tree Details:

Rain hell down on your enemies with Hellstorm.

Boost your Magical Damage by being named a Magister.

Grant yourself a bonus to your damage with Usurper of the Infernal Throne.





Masters of physical prowess, hulking abominations carrying large weapons forged within Hell's flame. They are hulking brutes, capable of destroying their enemies with brutal tactics and strength.

Tree Details:

Stun your victims with you land a critical strike with Oppress the Weak.

Add a bonus to physical damage with Ruthless Abandon.

Grant yourself a bonus to your damage with Infector of Nightmares.





Massive, ancient creatures sent to Purgatory at the beginning of time. They are massive creatures capable of withstanding the most brutal of punishment. 

Tree Details:

Grant your entire party bonuses to their willpower, reflex, and perception.

Protect yourself with Holy and Enochian metal resistance.

Unbind yourself from your earthly vessel with Unbind Vessel.



They are the lascivious demons that tempt others to sin through devious sexual appeal.  They entice, allure, and enthrall their victims, encouraging them to break vows and commit cardinal sins.

Tree Details:

Control a foe with Ravish the Chaste-Minded.

control two foes at the same time with The One Lascivious.

instantly control those who feed on you with Temptations of Blood.

uccubi and Incubi


ngels and Demons

Assemblies and Legions

The Legion of Cthugha
Leaders:  Siren Demios
Status: Recruiting
Website:  Coming Soon
The New Dawn
Leaders:  Kairalie De'Natian
Status: Recruiting
Website:  Coming Soon
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