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haracter Creation

Steps for character creation

Creating a character should be a fun and easy process.  We try to provide our members with a wealth of knowledge and advice to look back on, however it is our goal for our cast of characters to be as unique and diverse as the people who play them.  Do not be afraid to break the norm, it's what makes the game interesting!


  • Join our server - "Every journey begins with a single step."   Make sure to say hello in OOC!  Use this link to join!

  • Research - If you're unsure which race you'd like your first character to be, check out our lore pages for more details on each.

  • Apply - Made your choice?   Head over to our applications and fill one out.   Please be patient.   Our goal is to respond to applications within 24 hours, even if we often are far quicker.

  • Welcome to The Storm Reborn!

  • Talk with your Race Leader - Once your application is processed, your Race Leader is going to give you a welcome, some links, and your very own Character Sheet that you'll need to fill out.   Take as much time as you need to fill it out!   Your Race Leader is happy to assist you in any questions or suggestions you have.

  • Filling out your Character Sheet - At this point, you're going to need to make a few choices, they are:​​

    • Face Claim - Visit out Play-By page for taken ones.   You can use the search bar to help.

    • Flaws - Flaws give you extra Skill Points to spend.   They also add a bit of uniqueness to him or her as well!   These are great ways to establish your past, present, and future!

    • Specials - Want a skill not listed on your Character Sheet?   You're able to select up to three specials listed on the Specials Page.

  • Pick your skills - Our Character Sheets are Google Spreadsheet-based, whenever you select a skill, the cost of it is automatically deducted from your current pool of Skill Points.   Check away!

  • Submit your sheet and await approval - Let your Race Leader know you are done and they will look it over with you.  Any minor errors or suggestions will be given.   Once everything looks squared away, your Race Leader will submit your creation to our Special Projects team which will finish and finalize your Character Sheet.   You'll be notified when this happens.    Once your Character Sheet is approved, you are free to use those purchased skills at will!   

  • Begin your adventure - You're a fully-fledged member of The Storm Reborn now, and we're glad you're here!   Get out there and begin the start of your adventure!!!

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