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pecial Skills

Special Skills Explained

Perhaps you are a vampire with a family secret dabbling in ice magic, or maybe you are a hunter whose experience in hunting dragons has hardened your perception to peak levels. Special skills are your personal touch, the uniqueness which separates you from yours.  We do not force anyone to take special skills, only suggest you consider it. 

What are the advantages?

Special skills come in a variety of shapes and flavors. They can be used at the most opportune times, out of dire desperation, and even when our allies need it most. We relish the uniqueness each and every player brings to the story, and try to help as best we can make each one stick out.

Rules of thumb when creating specials

We ask all members to please only take 3 special skills. These actually are designed to cost more skill points than regular skills, and spending too much on a couple of abilities can really gimp a player in the long run. You can select a Special Skill from the list provided. Although you must follow what that skill does according to the list, what you name it and how you explain it can be totally catered to your character. We encourage that.   Please note, however, you may not choose two of the same types of specials:    IE 2x +5 physical damage specials.

Custom naming and flavoring

Naming specials is rather easy, keep it somewhat civil and relatable to both the skill itself, and the time period, and we're normally lax on the name. You can add your own flavor text to the skill as well as follows:

Obfuscation Special:  Mistress of the Umbra - [ +2 Shadow Magic Damage ]   Julia is the direct descendant of the Shadow Magi, Arelius DeCross himself. As such, her bloom bleeds not only crimson but of the black ink of darkness as well. Her attunement with the shadows is evident in every spell she casts at horrifying proficiency.   

Physical Combat Special: The Law of Blades - [ +3 Physical Damage ]    Hadu's' training with a sword during his tenure as a blacksmith has honed his arm into perfection.  When it comes to his blade, *he knows where to put it.*

List of Special Skills Types

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