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Player Stats and Vitals

Combat Dice:    Your combat dice act as your character's primary attack attribute. 

  • For each side, your combat dice increases, your health increases by two (2) if Immortal, or one (1) if Mortal.   Sides over d95 gain more HP.   

  • When you advance your combat dice to the next tier, your health increases by ten (10).


Health: This stat represents the amount of damage a character can handle in a match or scene without healing before the physical body expires. 

  • Your health rating at character creation is 25.

  • Your health increases by one or two, depending on race, for each side that your combat dice goes up (except by skills). Your health increases by ten (10) when you advance to the next tier. In Tier Eight (8), your health increases by ten (10) for each dice side you advance starting at 95.

  • You regenerate ten (10) health per hour if you are not healed.

  • Knock Out: A character whose health drops to zero (0) or is injured past zero from normal damage is knocked out and will need to be healed to at least 10 HP in order to immediately wake up. Otherwise, the character will wake up in one hour with 10 HP. 

  • Death: In events or battles in which death is an option when your HP is lowered to twenty-five below zero(-25) you die.


Base Attack Rating (BAR): Each tier that you advance for your combat dice has a Base Attack Rating (BAR). The base attack rating means that no matter what, you will always hit for this much damage. It acts as a way to accurately represent someone who trains endlessly in their pursuits. We do this by always adding a base amount of damage to your attacks.   You start with a BAR of 0, and add 1 for each Dice Tier you move up.

Dice Tiers


  • Tier 1         d20                      0xp

  • Tier 2         d30                2,500xp

  • Tier 3:        d40                7,500xp

  • Tier 4:        d50               15,000xp

  • Tier 5:        d60               25,000xp

  • Tier 6:        d70               50,000xp

  • Tier 7:        d80             100,000xp

  • Tier 8:        d90             200,000xp

Skill Point Levels and Bonuses


As you gain Experience Points, you can unlock LEVELS in which your character gains more Skill Points to use on their skill trees.   


  • Level 1 | 15SP                         0xp

  • Level 2 | 20SP                   2,500xp

  • Level 3 | 25SP                  15,000xp

  • Level 4 | 30SP                  50,000xp

  • Level 5 | 35SP                 200,000xp

 Skill Point Bonuses:

Tier 1 Race Group Leader:             +5 SP                Moderator Team Member:            +5 SP

Tier 2 Race Group Leader:           +20 SP                Storyline Lead                            +10 SP

Faction Member:                          +3SP

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Dice Chart

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Experience Point Chart

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Proctor Pay Limitations - Proctoring pay limited to up to 20 people max.


Anchor 7

Spar - Friendly practice bout between two people. This is meant for training purposes and no real risk is gambled with the loss of such other than some pride.


Mass Spar - A Spar with 3 or more people in a free-for-all format. 


Honor Duel - This is a spar with no risk of death, however maiming and terms are agreed upon beforehand. Often, people will settle disputes between one another through combat. Winners and results of Honor Duels are displayed on Announcements for added glory and shame.  Terms can be a myriad of things:

  • Settled Dispute

  • Honor itself

  • Rank shifts (popular within certain werewolf packs)

  • Scars/Maiming

  • Shameful titles

  • Many more terms agreeable prior to combat

Death Match - A one on one battle to the death

Mass Death Match - A Free-For-All battle to the death.

HD - Whoever has the highest Die Sides, if the "High Dice" holder. For example, Martinus with 3d71 battles Amy with 2d67, the HD would be 71.

Proctor - Someone who keeps score and officiates a battle/fight/spar.

Partial Sheet Proctor - What most did in the says of AOL Old. Use of dice and HP only, no skills.

Full Sheet Proctor - A proctor certified to proctor events using full Character Sheets and skills.

NPC Helper - Someone who plays an NPC to aid story or the Bestiary.

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