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Combat which is not serious. It is meant for training and recreation with no possible risk of death.  Sparring is purely up to the flavor of the proctor however the following must be adhered to:

  • A roll for initiative (who goes first)

  • Terms clearly state before the fight including rules and HP set to (min of 20)

  • Cannot fix a match to benefit another

  • Can use a partial sheet proctoring method without skills or full sheet

Bestiaries and Events

Combat which is serious. Events and Bestiaries can lead to death. Participation is a Bestiary or Event requires the following:

  • Must be full sheet proctored by a registered full sheet proctor (FSP)

  • Must roll for int

  • Risk of KO or Death

Please note that starting a bestiary and quitting before it is finished is considered instant death for anyone involved. Do not start the Bestiary unless you can finish, or find another proctor to take over if you need to leave. You will need to seek out a Resurrection within the time frame or suffer loss of the character.

Player Stats

Willpower - Your willpower determines your own ability to keep your wits about you. The ability to come out of being unconscious, resist an attempt of your mind being overcome, or to maintain your personal moral code, or your profession's ethics. The difficulty rating is always set to what is being done. Use 1d10


Perception - Your perception is based on hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, empathy, and the sixth sense. Use perception when you want to find or perceive something about the environment, a puzzle, a person, or an item. Use 1d10.

Reflex - Reflex is your physical condition and how it relates to reacting to mortal danger. Special skills that hit harder than normal or area of effect attacks often allow you to dodge them if you can roll the proper reflex save throw. Use 1d10.

Taking Action

Inventory - When it is your turn, you may, prior to the attack, consume an item from inventory. If the item does not consume your turn, you may take action afterward. If the item consumes your turn consuming said item, you guess it, consumes your turn.


Action - Attacking, using skills, specials, healing, etc are all considered turn-consuming actions unless otherwise stated on the skill tree.

Crits vs. Botches

Crits - Rolling the highest number on one of your die results in a critical hit which doubles your damage. Pain ensues as well as acclaim.  


Botches - Rolling a 1 on one of your die results in a botched move. Your damage still goes through but leaves you open for an ATTACK OF OPPORTUNITY, a free attack your target gets to counter against you with for free.  AoOs are simple counter-attacks.   No skills are allowed to be used during one, only passives.

-  If an enemy has more than one attack per round, it will attack with that many attacks in it's AoO.    Bestiary entries will have their sheets updated to reflect this.
-  Enemies with more than one HP pool (for example, the Chimera) act as separate entities.   Therefore, their AoO will only trigger that entity's attack.   (Botching against a Chimera's head only gets an AoO from that head)
-  When botching with a rolled AoE - the opponent who goes next will gain a AoO.    (Not the whole team)

Crit-Botches - So what happens when one die is the highest you can roll (a crit) and another die rolls a 1? Well in the event of celestial alignment, a Crit-Botch is the result. Basically one negates the other and normal damage is applied without an Attack of Opportunity.

Botches with Area of Effect (AoE) Skills

As the attacker - If you botch against a group of enemies, each of the enemies on the field will have the chance to take an AoO against your character.

As the Target - If a monster uses an AoE and botches against your party then the next person on the scoreboard, would take the AoO against the monster.

Hit Points (HP)


Base - Your hit point pool is determined by two factors: Your mortality, and your die sides. Consult Experience point chart for details.

Recovering Hit Points - Natural regeneration is 10HP per mun-hour. You must recover to 10hp before you wake up from a KO. You do not recover any HP when you are killed. Pay attention to any racial healing perks. You can find these listed on each race page.

True Damage

This is a special type of damage that pierces through all of your target's defenses. No skills or defensive bonuses can stave off this type of damage. Your personal BAR applies to each target unless the skill states otherwise.​

Multi-Target Attacks and Split Attacks


Multi-Target Attacks - Some skills target more than one enemy. By default, a multi-target attack targets ALL OPPONENTS, however, some skills will set a number. In these attacks, your BAR is applied to each target. Often these attacks come with an avoidance roll one must fail in order for the attack to be considered successful.  Split attacks will have bonuses divided among all targets equally.

Split Attacks - Some races can perform a quick split attack.   You must purchase the correct skill in order to do this.   A split attack allows you to split the number of die you have between normal targets.   For example:

Amy has 3d100.   She has 3 targets.   Amy can chose to use a split attack.  These are her options:

Amy can split her attack to two targets.   2d to Target 1 and 1d to Target 2.   

Amy could also split her attack to three targets.   1d to Target 1, 1d to Target 2, and 1d to Target 3.

Proctors will split your buffs and damage string evenly between each target.   Any effects you carry with normal attacks can only be applied to one target.   Your choice.

Effect Decay


Damage over Time decay begins with the HP shown on the skill. For each turn, your target sustains one less HP in damage until it reaches zero.

3 HP bleed:

  • Turn one - 3HP damage

  • Turn two - 2 HP damage

  • Turn three - 1 HP damage

  • Turn Four - no longer bleeding/ignited/poisoned 

Status Effect Decay begins with whatever save throw you had to make and then gets reduced by 1 each round you are still afflicted.   

A >7 WP resist means you need to make a saving throw of 8 or higher.   

  • Turn one - >6

  • Turn Two - >5

So on, and so forth until it reaches one and you break naturally from it.

Status Effects

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When your HP reaches 0 you are knocked out and can no longer be targeted in battle.   You cannot take any action, your recovery starts at event end.  You must be 10HP in order to recover from Knocked Out status.

When your HP reaches negative 25 (-25) your character has been killed and must be revived in order to continue.


Death and 


When inflicted with one of these, you cannot make PHYSICAL ACTIONS.  

Requires WILLPOWER or REFLEX to resist and WILLPOWER break.



Blind, Paralysis

Bind, and Immobilize

When inflicted with one of these, you cannot make MAGICAL​ ACTIONS.

Requires WILLPOWER to resist and break



Silence and




Frozen, Stun, Fear, Sleep,

and Stop

When inflicted with one of these, you cannot make ANY ACTION.

Requires WILLPOWER OR REFLEX to resist

These skills will have a duration listed on them before breaking

Fear is a form of MIND CONTROL and is included in immunities.


When inflicted with one of these, your actions are controlled by the caster.

Requires WILLPOWER to resist and break, Requires Willpower to initially resist.   If failed, that required Willpower roll will decay at 1 per turn until it reaches 0 or a successful roll is made against it.

Mind Control, Seduced, or Charmed


When inflicted with this, your actions are RANDOM.  This is considered a form of mind control when applied versus immunities, however the effect is different than normal Mind Control.

Requires WILLPOWER to resist and break, Requires Willpower to initially resist.   If failed, that required Willpower roll will decay at 1 per turn until it reaches 0 or a successful roll is made against it.


When inflicted with this, you take damage over time, decreasing with each round.   Some DoTs include: Bleed, Poison, and Ignite.

A 3 HP bleed would do 3 damage the first round, 2 the second, 1 the next, and then at reaching zero, would be broken. (Note: DoTs from the same character do not stack.  Dots also do not auto-refresh, unless a character has the appropriate skills to do so.)



Damage Over Time (DoT)


When inflicted with one of these, you SKIP ALTERNATING TURNS.

When inflicted with KNOCKDOWN, you SKIP THE NEXT TURN.

Requires WILLPOWER to resist and has a duration listed per skill.

Slow, Snared, and Knockdown



When inflicted with one of these, you INCUR ADDITIONAL DAMAGE.

Cannot be avoided, will have amount and duration listed on each skill.

Vulnerable, Shocked, and 


When inflicted with this, you cannot take aggressive/harmful actions.  This is a form of mind control.

Requires willpower to resist and has a duration listed per skill or decays.



and Calm

The Elements

All elements have an innate strength against another and a weakness.  Nature finds it's balance in the world and there are no exceptions to the rule.

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Certifications through the College of Rhy'din (Path of Learning)

Players will be able to buy ‘Training Certifications’ from the in-game store that when redeemed will unlock specific buffs to economy, their existing skills, or new mechanics entirely for play.    These certifications will be tracked by the Economy & Records teams and the roles will be removed after 30 days, requiring a rebuy. 

Certificate: Extreme Conditioning          Cost: 4,000g
Effect: +50 base HP

You're naturally resilient, and the countless hours spent conditioning your body have paid off with increased stamina.

Certificate: Surgeon                                Cost: 4,000g
Effect: +20 Healing Skills ( 10 if multi-target )
Few have put as much effort into the art of keeping things alive as you, whether from some Hippocratic Oath or more sinister design, you've learned the ins and outs of the body and your ability to heal others with skills has become renowned.   Patients may even travel a great distance to seek your touch.     

Certificate: Tactician                               Cost: 4,000g
Effect: On Party Crit, choose Def or Off auras and double their effect 1d2+1 rnds
Strategy has been your calling, a more learned student of battle and the virtuoso's of wars past you would be hard to find.   You've devoured the writings of military leaders, learning from personal success as well as failure.   Recently you've spent time in a College of War and found a new understanding in the harmony of battle.     When anyone in your party rolls a crit, choose either Defense or Offense and multiply the effect of auras that affect everyone by 2.   Does not affect auras limited to specific groups / races.  Only one Tactician buff can be applied at any given time.  Does not stack with other Tactician Buffs. 

Certificate: Medical Degree / Chemist      Cost: 2,000g
Effect: Produce double your allotment in potions.
You've been recognized by regional Guild Houses as a savant behind the beaker, a visionary with mortar and pestle, a true miracle worker.   You've managed to refine your techniques, producing twice as many potions per month as your normal allotment.




                           Strong Against:   Light/Holy

                           Weak against:  Light/Holy

                           Not effected by Increased

                           Elemental Damage


                           Strong Against:   Shadow/Darkness

                           Weak against:  Shadow/Darkness

                           Not effected by Increased

                           Elemental Damage



Weak against:  Nothing

Strong Against:  Nothing

Stealth and How Not to Be Seen...

To the savvy assassin or thief, stealth is everything.


What is the benefit of attacking while stealthed?   Due to your opponent being totally taken off guard, you not only bypass initiative rolls, but you deal additional damage as well.

Acquiring the Ability - First of all, in order to actually be able to sneak around in the shadows, you must purchase a skill related to stealthing.

You only get one chance! - Whether you are detected or not, your stealth only lasts the first round.   You cannot remain stealthed, you must use your chance immediately or lose the element of surprise.

How do I or my enemies defend against Stealthed Attacks?  Stealth is countered by perception, your abilities may lower your marks' perception whereas their own abilities may raise it. In order to move with impunity, you must not allow any of your enemies to detect you through perception rolls.

  • The base perception required to detect is 6 or higher. 

  • Minions do not take perception checks.

  • When rolling perception, an enemy will roll their perception dice and minus any perception-lowering skills used against them.

  • If no one detects you, you may proceed with your sneaky attempts and bypass initiative rolls (turn order), enjoying all the damage-increasing benefit stealthed attacks offer or their gold purse.

Concerning Assassins

  • Assassins get a +10 damage bonus when attacking someone undetected. This number can be increased through certain skills.

  • Assassins who crit while undetected can deal double damage to what was rolled  (This includes damage already doubled due to banes!)

  • Your attack cannot be dodged or avoided.  (They have no idea you're coming!)  

Concerning Thievery

  • Thieves get a base 10 gold theft attempt. This number can be increased through certain skills.  

  • If undetected, roll 1dx (x = your allowed gold to steal), you receive that much gold from the target.



Being Detected

Things didn't go as planned and maybe you stepped on a twig or knocked something over. You've been detected, their perception roll was high. You are knocked out of stealth and moved to your normal order that round.

In both cases, if your sneaky action goes through, you are removed from stealth and the fight proceeds as normal. Also, if you are not perceived, your attack/action cannot be avoided or dodged.

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The Bravely Art of Escaping/Fleeing

  • Anyone can attempt to flee a battle.

  • To flee, simply state your intent, roll reflex (with any bonuses)

  • If you roll >8, you have fled.   Some skills which assist fleeing exist.

  • Didn't make the cut? You lost your turn and failed. Try again (or get brave).

Some general things to remember:


  • Attempting to flee consumes a turn whether successful or not.

  • You abandon all XP when if you successfully run away.

  • If you flee a battle, you cannot return to it at a later time.

  • Bestiaries and other fights which involve an XP pool will be distributed among those brave enough to stick it through.

  • If you are skipped a total of 3 rounds in a single event, you will be treated as fleeing. No XP or gold, HOWEVER, you can continue to sustain damage.

  • Shame, ridicule, and perhaps a few angry teammates for leaving them in a pinch.

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Mind Control and You!

Mind Control in TSR is a common skill across multiple races.


To Mind Control a target is to take over their mind, but they do not become a mindless zombie under your rule. It is a gentle persuasion. Please remember the following when dealing with mind controlled targets.

  • A mind controlled target cannot go against its fundamental nature of self-preservation. You cannot cause it to hurt itself, or to kill itself.

    • Note, there are rare instances that this is void. Those instances would be listed on the bestiary card.​ 

  • A mind controlled target does not view you as its ally. You cannot mind control a monster and use skills that are worded for their allies. Other skills can be utilized.

  • You cannot benefit from a mind controlled targets aura, nor can it benefit from yours. Unless otherwise noted.

But I was fighting this monster and it mind controlled me! What happens?


  • You lose control of your character.   That which has Mind Controlled you will issue commands, and you must write and perform them out.

    • We want to be perfectly with the rules.   Mind Controlled targets do not have to be forced into any sort of romantic or sexual act.   If not consensual, please notify a Moderator immediately and stop play.​

  • A member of your party with a mind control ability can mind control you and break the monsters hold on you. It is up to that player.

  • Don't forget that when you mind control a target, all commands must be written out on the targets turn, and be clear and specific or the NPC may twist your command into their own rendition.

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