I. TSR's Three-Step Disciplinary Process

-----:| a. Reporting


Any player is able to and encouraged to report misconduct OOC or IC. When reporting, always approach your own Race Leader regardless of who it is. The Race Leader will then determine whether or not the infraction warrants documented discipline.


-----:| b. Levels of Discipline


          - Verbal Warning

          - Disciplinary Action/Suspension

          - Removal from Storyline

We want to be clear on the process and how we try to do things. We have a very tried and true Three-Step System which seems to work really well for most cases. How the offender travels up the path of this process and who can be involved in disciplining the offender depends on the stage the offender is in, and in some rare cases, it may also depend on the severity of alleged infractions.


Here are the steps and who is involved:


Verbal/Documented Warning - Can be issued at the Race Leader level. You need solid evidence, first, screenshots are ideal. After an infraction has been committed and you have viable proof, you may take action to stop the instance from happening/escalating. Then, via DM, a layout that behavior, that is against the rules, and that this is a warning. Layout expectations, and that the next step is a suspension. This is important so that they know we've initiated the process with them.


Player Suspension - This is issued at the Leadership Team level. The majority vote required. Proof must still be valid. We will pull them into a group DM with all of the Leadership Team, state the infraction, our expectations, we will also dole out the suspension, change roles, deem a fair amount of time, then issue the suspension. Players do not receive normal gold payments on suspension.


Player Removal - This is issued at the Leadership Team level. In order for removal, the Leadership Team must vote for the majority.

II. In Character Rules


-----:| a. Sexual Roleplay


Anything beyond "R-Rated" content is requested to be taken into private mediums. We try to maintain a semi-safe-for-work environment.


-----:| b. CRP - Cross Role Play


CRP - The usage of knowledge gained outside of character and the application of such to In Character.


Example: You found out that someone's character sheet was leaked and revealed to you. You discover Angel's true name, you then take the knowledge you gained OOC and applied it IC, shouting Angel's name, demanding it obeys.


This is a serious offense, one which, if the offense is severe enough, can result in immediate suspension or removal from the Storyline. We do not tolerate this at all.


-----:| c. Consent


TSR is a Storyline that makes OOC consent required in major situations. Such situations may include:

  • Changing a person's race

  • Sexual encounters

  • Forced sexual actions through the use of mind manipulation

  • Character Death (some exceptions apply)

* This is not a comprehensive list of all examples. 


----:| d. Roleplayed Exits and Presence


You are allowed to take on two scenes at a time total, plus any Event Scenes. Please RP your exits. It is perfectly fine to leave a scene hanging because of time issues as long as all others agree on the terms. Be respectful of others is all we ask. The exception to this rule is Story Events. You may participate in RP outside the event.


The exception is certain Story Events, the Event Coordinator will notify participants when this exception can be utilized.

­­ III. Out of Character Rules


-----:| a. Discord Process


  • Your avatar picture should be that of your character is period-specific clothing.

  • Your nickname must be your character's full name.

  • Avatar picture cannot contain nudity.

  • The first name in the nickname must be in regular font. (Ease of tagging)

  • Refrain from excessive tagging.

  • Keep OOC inside the appropriate channels.

  • due to obvious reasons, all members must be eighteen years of age or older.

  • If a room has 5 or more people engaged in a scene, please keep that in mind when you post at lengths.

  • One character per account.

  • Alts (another character you play) are allowed, under the following conditions:

    • The first alt after mun has been with the Storyline for 15 days

    • The second and third alt after mun has been with the Storyline for 30 days.

  • PB selection can only be changed once every 60 days. the play by selected must also be of legal age.


-----:| b. OOC Conduct


We understand, as a social game of over 300 members that sometimes we run into people not agreeing with others. It is not our aim to force you to like other muns. However, remember CRP rules apply, and always remember that rude misconduct OOC towards another member such as name-calling, harassment, snide remakes, etc., will not be tolerated.


-----:| c. NSFW and Spoiler Material


NSFW pages exist for a reason, please keep all NSFW materials in there. We're a relaxed group with varying senses of humor, some of us enjoy the occasional dirty joke or lewd picture/gif, others are horrified as such. We tag NSFW places that require additional permission to be clicked before entry. You've been warned... Spoilers are to be treated as NSFW material with the same permissions needed to enter these rooms.  

spoilers will also be treated as nsfw material with the same permissions needed to enter these rooms.


-----:| d. Bot Usage and Spam


Please use bots and their commands in appropriate rooms. Avoid spamming these commands and spam in general outside of designated rooms.

­ IV. Character Design, Skills, and XP


-----:| a. Character Design


You will be given a pool of SP to use at acceptance into the SL, please adhere to these skills, and do not play outside the skills you have purchased. Work with your RL on initial questions and design. Once done, submit your CS to @Special Projects for approval.


-----:| b. Misuse of Skills, Malicious Falsification, and Fraudulent Activities Misuse of Skills


Either using a skill in an improper way or using a skill you have not purchased is not permitted. Malicious Falsification - lying about stats and skills in order to gain an advantage.

Fraudulent Activities is any deceptive activity that games the system into your or another favor.

Such includes:

throwing a fight to allow another to win

employing programs to alter dice rolls, etc.


These are severe transgressions and often lead to immediate removal of the Storyline. We provide a clean and balanced playing field for all - we expect you to maintain and respect such.


-----:| c. Transferal of XP


Only OOC-gained XP can be transferred. IC-earned XP cannot be carried over to another character. For example, Amy earned 5,000xp for her services as a Storyline Lead. She has another character, Lana she'd like to boost up fast, YES we can do that because work on the Storyline was done OOC.


HOWEVER, Amy cannot transfer XP earned from a spar she won against Martinus because that involved a specific character.

When changing races all XP is transferable.

limitations :

you may only transfer your experience once every three months per mun, not character.

-----:| d. character design

You'll start at T1 d20, as you earn experience points (XP) you have the opportunity to move up in SP Tiers and ear more SP. You'll be given a Character Sheet (CS) which you can purchase skills with. From there, you can change your CS every 30 days or at SP Tier up.






V. Ranks, Demotions, Storyline Roles, and Removals


We strive to ensure our processes are as transparent as possible, as such, our advanced role system shall be broken down for the public eye to view:


-----:| a. Ranks - Promotions and Demotions


As you spend time within the Storyline, IC positions may become more and more accessible to you. This is purely done IC, we as moderators will not put a stop to the promotion or demotion of IC ranks in any way as long are IC rules are followed.


-----:| b. Roles


Jobs within the Storyline Promising individuals can be assigned roles. Such roles include but are not limited to:

  • Full Sheet Proctors

  • Website Admin

  • Race Leader

  • assistant race leader


These roles come with vast responsibilities. As such, some are compensated monthly with varying pay rates, paid monthly.  our process for promoting members into these positions often include a majority vote with our leadership team and mod staff.


VI. LoAs and Inactivity


-----:| a. Leaves of Absences and Absences (LoA)


Leave of Absence Defined:

LoA is taken when you cannot roleplay at all. We understand personal things rise up in everyday life and we're understanding of this. The key here is to communicate. A mun on LoA is safe from having their player removed due to inactivity. Leadership can make a judgment call when it's time to let someone go due to a lack of communication or otherwise.


Members without a roleplay scene in 2 months will be deemed inactive. Inactive members are placed on shelf status.

This rule will also apply to the 2-week rule of IC conduct. We do not wish for players to feel hung up because one person cannot RP. A member should, in good faith, communicate with those whom he/she is currently in a scene before asking for an LoA. However, this isn't always the case, and therefore the Leadership Team have agreed to the following rule change:


In order to continue the progression of the Storyline, after 2 weeks of inactivity have occurred, your character may RP out the absence as a recognizable event and act accordingly.


We never wish for people to feel hung up when things happen. We realize OOC and IC MUST mingle at some levels. This rule is in place to allow people the outs they need to continue on their own personal stories.

Being on a leave of absence affects all characters within the storyline at once. This also puts all of your play bys on hold at once. For this reason, your Play Bys are forfeit 60 days after the start of your leave. Your Exp will remain intact.

­ -----:| b. Departure from the Storyline and Character Stats


Sometimes a character just isn't for you. Either due to death or the end of a story, or you just plain cannot take it anymore, you may willingly remove a character from the Storyline. It is the intent of the Leadership Team not to bog down our XP tracker with statistics on characters who are no longer with the TSR. As such, if a character leaves the server, all XP, inventory, and grandfathered rules are forfeit. If you wish to bring this character back after removal, you do so at square one. All players benefiting from your skills will have those benefits removed.


­ -----:| c. Clarification on Terminology: MiA, LoA, and Departed


The above rule applies to those labeled "Departed". MiA is zero communication with the Moderators, still, a member of the SL just hasn't been seen in a while. Pruning rules will apply. LoA can be taken for any length as allowed by our rules set forth in Leaves of Absence section of the SOP above. LoAs can be taken for whatever reason, it is a respectful communication between RLs and Leads and we appreciate that! IF someone leaves without any say or they say outright they are leaving and that is that we apply the status "departed" and go through with the rules above.

VII. NPCs and Story Event NPCs


An NPC is a very vague character that operates more in the background. You could have an NPC barmaid watching the bar or delivering drinks, assign that NPC a PB, and even give people permission to play her slightly. (Orders a drink from Cassandra and she quickly ran to make it before placing it down on the table in front of him.)


NPC Rules:

  • Can only be played via other characters (no separate account)

  • Follows NPCed PB rules

  • Does not grant any special advantages


Story Event NPCs follow a bit different set of rules. When an event is proposed, needed NPCs are designed and approved beforehand as well as possible interactions. PBs can be used, but are quickly forfeit after the event is over. Most of the time, GMs, Mods, or Leaders play SE-NPCs but there are exceptions.

VIII. Character Retirement and "Shelving"


-----:| a. Retirement


Retirement is the formal request for removing a character from the storyline. This can be done at any time, however, please note, excessive retirements and re-creations cause extra work on our mods, and therefore, a limit which will be determined by the personal discretion of the SL Leads can be applied at any time. Retirement is used for the intent of PERMANENT removal. XP and any grandfathered privileges are void. Your positions are void, your titles and possessions are void as well.


-----:| b. Shelving


The term "shelving" means putting a character to the side with the possible intent on bringing that character back. Your RL must be notified and approved before this process can begin. You CANNOT "unshelf" the character for thirty days. after ninety days, the play by chosen for that character is no longer on reserve.

Please note, that at any time if the SL Leads determine you are taking advantage of this feature they can either strip XP upon shelving or disallow you it all together.

You can only shelve one of your characters at a time. shelved characters are deleted after six months.

-----:| shelved characters and pay

You will not receive payments while your character is shelved. Also, the groups you are in will not benefit from you being a member should your character be shelved.


IX. Group Activity and Status Requirements


-----:| a. Activity Requirements


At least half of the people claiming your group (either Race Group or Faction) needs to be involved in a group activity.

Group activity is any spar, event, or scene involving 2 or more members of your group. Tag records to have them record this activity.


Sometimes you're just a Mortal belonging to a clan of Vampires as a blood doll, or a Lycan who fell in loyal to a group of Angels. Whatever it is, you MAY claim another race's race group to be a "member" of. You will count towards their activity and pay, HOWEVER, you may not claim their race or race group skill tree.



-----:| b. Roster Requirements


The group leader needs to participate in at least one event a month with their group The group must maintain the number of people required for the group tier in order to maintain that tier status. Grounds falling below 5 members are in danger of having their group status revoked. rosters must be maintained and updated prior to the end of the month or risk losing payment for that month.


-----:| c. Inactive Groups / Punishments


30-day grace given to all groups to correct problems addressed. If the same issue is not corrected after 30 days, the group will either lose it's tier or lose it's status entirely. All groups are able to be reinstated after a 60-day grace period.

Group Rewards

Race Groups

At 5 members, you are recognized as an official group. The Leader will be given 5 extra SP.

Tier Two Groups (20 members) are given two havens, the leader is given 20SP.



At 5 members you receive official group status. Members of your faction receive an additional 3 SP.

At Tier Two (20 members), faction members receive an additional 75g per month due to the success of their organization and size. Please note: Faction Group Leaders do not get elevated in rank or tier. 

-----:| D. Group Creation


Leader needs him or herself and 5 others to create a group.   The group must be considered "active" for 30 days before official status and benefits are issued.


only one race group may be claimed per character. you may only claim two factions, one primary and one secondary. you cannot receive a payout of benefits from different factions on the same character.

­ X. Gold/Currency Rules


You can have one profession. The depth of your skill in this profession depends on how deep you invest in the Professions skill tree. Some stronger items can only be made by those with high skills in their respective field.


-----:| a. Breaking the Trust Through Dubious Acts


The profession and currency system is heavily monitored by our Records team. If they observe any of the following, your currency and items will be removed without chance of reinvesting your skill points elsewhere:

  • Transferal to an Alt

  • Using an intermediary to transfer items to alts.

  • Creating a character with the intent to benefit another character financially only.

  • Any other unlisted acts which game the system.


Punishment is harsh for these offenses and rarely forgiven a second time.

-----:| b. Currency and Profession Tree Permanency

Due to the financial advantage given to you immediately, skills purchased on the right-hand side of this skill tree are final and cannot be removed. You may add more to this tree but never remove, even when changing races.

XI. Forfeit of Consent To Kill


Although we strongly stand by the fact that you are in control of your character, we also have to acknowledge the fact that some actions which occur in character cannot go overlooked. Although these actions would be considered extreme, the Storyline Leaders can determine if a character's actions in character warrant the forfeit of consented character death.


Some cases of these extremes would be:

Invasion and attacking of a Haven or its members seeking refuge.


Doing so automatically marks you for consensual character death. Those responding to your character do not have to consent to death, however. We need to be perfectly clear when your character makes poor choices, people can retaliate. These are extreme cases. Cases in which the Leads will take into serious consideration, however, if death is the decided consequence, things will escalate to an open, specified terms Death Match.

XII. Bestiary

The Bestiary puts the adventure design into the hands of the player. Simply select as many enemies as you want, grab your posse, and then consult an NPC Helper and Full Sheet Proctor. All values of XP are located on the Bestiary Sheet. 20% of that will be issued as gold. Rewards are divided evenly among all players.


-----:| a. maximums


there is no maximum limit as to how many group bestiary events you can participate in. there is, however, a two solo limit per month.


-----:| b. rules of entry


once you roll your initiative, you have joined the match. you may also add someone up to the end of the first round of combat. after that, you may not allow entrance into the battle.

if someone leaves the bestiary (meaning, they stop taking their turn) they continue to take damage by aoe or attack for up to three rounds before they are disqualified or killed. after the third round, they stop taking damage and are removed from the match and forfeit all experience.

-----:| c. death and knockouts


All players who participate in the Bestiary consent that death and knockouts are possible. Those who died cannot use that character in any scene following the death until a proper revive is given. Our NPC Helpers are rewarded for total party wipes, so rest assured, your destruction is our top priority.

-----:| d. Creation of Event


You'll need a Full-Sheet Proctor and NPC Helper. We suggest advertising in #roleplay_advertising. The event creator is responsible for creating the story behind this fight. Communicate with your FSP and NPC. Also, don't forget to put a calendar request in #calendar !

XIII. Concerning Offspring


Vampires - VERY rare. Some clans cannot have children, this can be determined by the clan Leader for whatever reason. Vampires' offspring can be Vampire, the mate's race, but NOT mortal. Vampire blood within the system can only be overridden by a stronger supernatural species.


Cannot procreate with:

Angels - Holy based.


Lycans - Common. Lycans can breed with just about anything. Lycanthropic genes can be passed on, however, it is not required nor is it common. The most common result is mortal. Inter-species Lycan mating often results in the mother's species, however no mingled species.

Can procreate with anything able to procreate.


Mortals - Very Common. Mortals can breed with just about anything. Mortals offspring tend to take on the race of the supernatural they breed with due to stronger genes/blood/reasons.


Can procreate with anything able to procreate.


Elementals - Semi-rare. Elementals that stick to breeding with their own element and race often see greater chances of success. Mating with non-opposing elementals may produce an Elemental of one or more of the parent's elements.


Procreation between two opposing Elementals is impossible. Due to multiple species' weaknesses, the Elemental may have difficulty mating with other species let alone produce viable offspring.


Cannot procreate with opposing Elementals, creatures weak to any of your elements.

­ Undead - VERY rare. Although undead may be able to raise the dead, procreation is done via "Death Rituals". Even then, this is a very volatile procedure that can utterly ruin a corpse.

Procreation only through ritual, however relations may be established prior to death.


Dragons - Slightly Common. Dragons tend to stick with their own color. Mingling colors produce usually the mother's color as the dominant gene. They lay eggs, and are often requires to provide various environments for their young (IE extreme heat or cold depending on color).


Dragon eggs are highly coveted treasures and as such, most dragons are fiercely protective of their eggs. It is possible for a dragon to mate with other species, but if the female is a dragon, they are very little recorded cases of an alternate birth species, and even fewer survive gestation.


Mothers can mate with anything about to procreate, often produces a dragon. Males can produce a multitude of creatures.


Angels - VERY rare. Angels are often chaste by principle. Those who stray from their vows are subject to punishment, often leading to the loss of their Grace. Angels who procreate do not produce Angelic offspring due to the fact they are within a vessel.


Angels are holy/angelic based and therefore cannot mate with those weak to such.


Cannot produce Angels.

Cannot mate with Undead, Vampires, and Demons


Demons - Moderately rare. Demons are said to be the lost souls of fallen Angels. However, further studies indicate that demons can be born into existence via a devil, a powerful demon, or ritual itself. Recently, it has been found that demons can mate with other creatures. The result is generally always a demon, as demons taint others from within - such is their nature.


Demons are dark/corruptive based, and therefore cannot mate with those weak to such.

­ ----------:| Gestation Details By Race


Vampires - Gestation typical to that of a mammal. The mother carries 9 month gestation period.


Lycans - Gestation typical to that of a mammal. The mother carries 9-12 month gestation period.


Mortals - Gestation typical to that of a mammal. The mother carries 8-9 month gestation period.


Elementals - Gestation typical to that of a mammal. The mother carries 6-9 month gestation period.


Undead - Ritual based. Instant birth if successful.


Dragon - Gestation typical to that of a reptile. Therefore three months after the mating flight until clutching, and then five weeks until they hatch. 

XIV. Havens


Havens are locations in which a certain group of people can feel safer than out in the public. Perhaps it is the castle of a mortal enclave, or the keep of a vampire clan. These places are generally more fortified then common places scattered throughout Rhy'din.


-----:| a. Invasion and attacking of a Haven or its members seeking refuge


Doing so automatically marks you for consensual character death. Those responding to your character do not have to consent to death, however. We need to be perfectly clear when your character makes poor choices, people can retaliate. These are extreme cases. Cases in which the Leads will take into serious consideration, however, if death is the decided consequence, things will escalate to an open, specified terms Death Match.


-----:| b. Acquisition of Havens


  • Racial Groups and Factions receive one room to be designated as their Haven.

  • Purchasing a Title Deed from the econ system for 10,000g.