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Rhy'din is driven by many things, but nothing more than the steady flow of gold. Money wakes the world go round and within our Story line is no exception. Gold is used to purchase services or goods everywhere.  Gold is earned through various methods: 


  • Professions

  • Participation in Spars and Bestiaries

  • Trades of goods

  • Trades of services

  • Event rewards

  • Theft


Those who delve into a profession take on a craft in which they can produce goods to place for sale. Be it armor, a keen sword, medical healing herbs, even magical tomes and spells are all applicable crafts.



Becoming Adept in a Profession



If you'd like your character to be able to efficiently take on a profession, you can do so one of two ways:

  • Purchase professional skills on your character sheet

  • Become someone's apprentice

Note, learning under someone else for free won't allow you to reach the higher levels of your profession.   You'll have to purchase the skills on your own.

Crafting Rules

Each Profession has different items you can make, and professional level required.   An apprentice blacksmith won't be able to produce top quality items like a Grandmaster would!  As you delve deeper into professional mastery, you'll unlock powerful crafts highly sought after by the general populace.   You'll also earn quite a bit more coin for it, as well.   Creating top quality works of art take time though!   As such, you'll me limited to how many of each item you can make each month.   Certain racial skills can increase your work speed, however.

Cost to Create - This is how much you'll need to pay in order to create an item.

Max Sell Price -  This is the set maximum you are allowed to sell an item for before others (NPCs) will undercut you.

Max Per Month - This is the limit of how many of a specific item you can create per month.

What You Can Use and When

  • You are allowed to wield ONE WEAPON and ONE ARMOR into battle.

  • You are allowed to consume as many consumables as you want in battle.   Each item will have a specific rule on how often you can use it, however.


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Area of Expertise
Healing potions and salves, self-buffs, and toxic coatings
Races Favoring Alchemy
Mortals, Fae, Shifters, and Undead
Alchemy is the profession in which chemistry nd magic meld together into one.  An Alchemist can create potions and salves of great powers while others concentrate on inflicting harm upon others through nefarious toxins and volatile concoctions.   Those in this profession often are keen to nature or have a great understanding of chemical properties and how to exploit them.

Elixir of Chance

Can be used in battle only.   Roll 1d10 for result.

1 = Turn into a dirty pig, loose next two turns

2 = +100 HP for the day

3 = Lose 20 HP for the day

4 = +20 HP Heal

5 = +5 defense (personal) for the day

6 = +5 damage (personal) for the day

7 = +50 HP for the day

8 = defense reduced by 5, take extra damage

9 = Barrier, absorbs next 40 damage

10 = +5 damage, defense and +25HP max for the day

Can only have one Elixir of Chance used upon you per day.

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Area of Expertise
Magical Damage, Defensive Items, and Spell Scrolls/Tomes

Races Favoring Arcanists
Mortals, Vampires, Demons, Elementals
An Arcanist can focus their magical knowledge and impart it into multiple foci and scripts.  This allows a magic practitioner to increase the potency of his or her spells in battle.  In addition, an Arcanist can bolster the defense of multiple weapons, staving off damage from various sources. The Arcanist is a deeply intelligent soul with years of experience and hosts immense magical power.  Yet, possesses a never ending lust to obtain more of each.



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Area of Expertise 
Weapon Imbues and Various Mechanical Devices/Traps

Races Favoring Artificers
Mortals, Dragons
The Artificer embraces the world around them and the science related to everything.  They know the various biological weaknesses of each race and the materials used to create items to exploit such knowledge. They also have a keen understanding of clever devices designed to deliver such banes.  Artificers normally have a mischievous attitude in addition to a vast mechanical, biological, and geographical knowledge. They are never satisfied with their work, always finding ways to improve.

Area of Expertise
Physical Damage and Defense
Races Favoring Blacksmiths
Mortals, Angels, Shifters, Dragons, Fae
Blacksmiths persue a noble endeavor. A blacksmith is a physical-aligned vendor who understands the properties of matter and how to change them for the better. Blacksmiths favor forging peerless weapons and armor of quality, increasing the damage and defensive output of his customers.  Blacksmiths have a humble and patient mind and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.   They are salt of the earth and favor logic above all else.



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